Alien Ghosts of Coweta County’s Wahoo Creek

alien ghosts

By Jim Miles

On Wednesday, July 15, 1896 according to the Newnan Advertiser, a citizen was three miles from town on Wahoo Creek when he witnessed a “strange and thrilling apparition,” which “baffles all attempts at explanation.”  Although previously an unbeliever in “spirit manifestations,” his experiences “have shaken his faith very much” and left him “ready to believe in anything.”

On that pivotal morning, he was “in a very dense section of bushes and trees” along the banks of the stream.  There the witness came upon “five strange looking creatures-one of whom was very tall and slender, wearing a thin garment of white and black, with a hat neither ancient nor modern, but similar to those worn by a Texas cowboy, and arms long and tapering, with fair and lily-white hands-another not quite so tall but large and broad shouldered, with a voice similar” to a bird’s, “whose dress was similar to the other, only much longer in the train and more difficult to carry through the weeds and briars-another wore a peculiar and thin wrapper, antique in appearance, yet artistic in design.  It veiled a lithe-like form that would have done for a model…of a Raphael, glided about over the rocks and cliffs with perfect ease.  This creature-human or spirit-he could not divine which-had for companions two little mermaids.”  Each alien ghosts creature was “eating blackberries, not plucking them with their hands as people generally do, but gathering them with their bills like birds.

Alien Ghosts Dance

“Whenever they wanted to go from one bank of the stream to the other they flitted across the water like wrens jumping from log to log in a wood pile.  Finally, having slated their appetites, they suddenly disappeared in the water like young ducks diving for insects in a shallow stream.  After regaling themselves for some time they then returned through the woods, flying up into the trees and hanging to the limbs like sapsuckers to a dead pine, and leaping the railroad cut above the bridge without the slightest effort.”

As darkness descended the alien ghosts figures moved uphill to a cemetery, where they leaped a tall fence without effort.  The witness used the gate to enter the cemetery and from behind a screen of bushes “discovered these creatures sitting on a tombstone, who, on his approach, raised their arms, gave a hideous shrill cry, and vanished like mist before the sunlight.”

The man stood “motionless and speechless, not believing what he had seen, but knowing that he was in his right mind.”

The man concluded that if ghosts existed, “that what he saw was certainly of that character.”

Jim Miles is the author of two Weird Georgia books, seven books about Georgia ghosts and eight books about the Civil War. To see all of his books go to the Jim Miles Author Page on Amazon. Order autographed books or contact Jim directly at

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