Climb in the Arkansas Ozarks, at Buffalo Canyon Ranch or along the Buffalo National River

Arkansas Climbing Services

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Rock climbing in Arkansas Ozark Mountains

Harrison-based Arkansas Climbing Services provides guided rock climbing and hiking tours in the Ozark Mountains and other natural areas in the state. Half- and full-day climbing trips generally take place in the Ozarks or at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, while guided hiking and rappelling trips are conducted in the Ozarks and along the Buffalo National River. The outfitter also offers on-the-rock private or group instruction in rock climbing basics, rope management, risk assessment, rappelling and leading. Customized trips can be arranged, and are encouraged for those seeking multiple days of climbing.

  • Rock climb in Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains with experienced guides.
  • Challenge the heights by rappelling down a cliff along the Buffalo National River.
  • Learn rock climbing basics, rope work skills, leadership techniques with on-the-rocks instruction.
  • Hike along the Buffalo National River or in the Ozark Mountains with a knowledgeable guide.

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