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Overnight on a chickee hut in Florida's Everglades

Whether you’re planning your first trip to the Florida Everglades or you’re a repeat visitor anticipating for the days ahead, the Everglades have something for everyone. In order to please the masses – that is, all activities and all abilities — Everglades Adventure Tours hosts several variations of Everglades tours. This includes eco-tours, adventure tours, sightseeing, overnight lodging, and outdoor recreation.

Everglades Tours From Kayaking to Safaris

Everglades Adventure Tours offer various views of the Florida Everglades, from boating to driving, and looking toward the time of year for a completely unique experience. In fact, it’s why countless tourists come back time and time again for more of these Everglades tours. Book an eco-tour for up-close views of wildlife in a natural setting. Meanwhile, safari versions let you get wild with the land around you, and more. Stop to rent a kayak and canoe and treat yourself to a personal Everglades experience. This is one way to create a completely impressive experience that will be different each time you go. There’s so much to see within the Everglades, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Other services by Everglades Adventure Tours have guided fishing trips and film excursions. Both unique to the brand, with options that many tour companies don’t provide.

Fishing In The Florida Everglades

Fish for fun with Everglades Adventure Tours for a vacation excursion trip you won’t soon forget. While avid fishermen can gain a taste for the Everglades with each destination. Everglades tours are led by an experienced guide. You’re sure to have a good time and reel in some fish while doing so!

Meanwhile, film crews and cameramen (pros and amateurs alike) can gain access to incredible Everglade views. Get transported in privately and ask your guide to go at various speeds or into a specific area to get that perfect shot! (special requests not guaranteed).

Lodging In The Florida Everglades

Finally, when you’re all tuckered out for the day, stay the night! Everglades Adventure Tours have three types of lodging so you can choose the best fit. There are the chickee cabins for those who want a more traditional Everglades experience, Safari Glamping that hosts elaborate tents and a fancy setup so you can get the camping feel without all the grime or dirt that comes with it, and the Trail Lakes Campground for anyone bringing their own gear.

No matter how you decide to view the Florida Everglades, there are plenty of scenic and beautiful ways to do so on a variety of Everglades Tours. Learn more by booking with Everglades Adventure Tours and scheduling your trip today.

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