Bigfoot Update 2011: Roundup

ga bigfoot update

By Jim Miles

We end our Bigfoot Updates with a roundup of sightings from across the state, and the creatures display a remarkable degree of aggression and territoriality.  The first three reports come from the Georgia Bigfoot Society.


At nine p.m. one cold, dark night in November 1991 teenager Shane Honea and two friends, Hubert and Ray, released their dogs on a 3,200-acre property they leased to hunt raccoons near Winder and started following their canines down an old logging road.  Half an hour later the three detected “a strong smell,”  then they heard “something walking in the woods behind them.”  The sounds were “getting closer” and stopped when they paused.  Hubert told his buddies to shine their lights on the source of the noise on the court of three while he aimed his rifle there.  The sudden illumination showed “a tall dark figure” that was “huge and ran upright on two legs.”  The friends were stunned by the sight, which Honea thought was “not a man nor was it a bear” for it was “too large and bulky to be a man and two large to be a black bear.”  When last seen it was “sprinting away leaning slightly forward, breaking branches and tree limbs as it ran away up a wooded hillside.”  The trio rounded up their dogs and left.  On previous hunts they had “heard strange vocalizations coming from deep in the woods,” Honea said, and subsequently, they would detect that smell repeatedly.

Ray, a farmer who managed the property, and Hubert had both discovered strange footsteps along a creek.  Ray occasionally said there was “a ‘werewolf’ living on the property.”  Honea  concluded that there was “at least one Bigfoot on the property.”  He is now a field investigator with GBS.


Two sightings were related by Terry, retired from the Navy and a businessman.  He grew up along the Chattahoochee River near Fort Benning, south of Columbus.  In 1982 he and his girlfriend were returning from their high school prom when they noticed a reflective highway sign “and a massive black hairy creature leaning on the sign.” They estimated its height as at least 10 feet.  “We could see the massive frame and muscles, most in rippling detail, shiny black fur…We sped up all the while screaming at each other, scared to death!”

On another occasion, Terry, his girl, and her father were “night cat fishing” along the Chattahoochee.  Suddenly, he “heard the most horribly incredible scream” and a massive splash.  Apparently, a Bigfoot had cannonballed into the river.  They saw the creature, estimated at nine feet, “floating into the view of our headlights.”  When it opened its eyes, displaying “two big balls of red light,” the trio fled.


The region around Lake Allatoona has produced a number of Bigfoot hearings rather than sightings.  Several people have heard odd sounds, then consulted recorded Bigfoot calls archived online and found identical sounds.

A resident whose property abuts Corps of Engineers land and heavy woods “heard something being thrown onto my back porch” at midnight in December 1988.  The phenomenon occurred twice more the following January, the sound described as “like rocks bouncing off the back of my house.”  Several months later her husband was asleep one night when he heard a knocking from the same area.


Albert had lived much of his life on a property near the Ohoopee River in Emanuel County, four miles east of Oak Park.  The isolated site included a hardwood swamp, scattered pine trees, and agricultural fields.  A fish camp once occupied the land, and a mobile home had been unoccupied for several years.  Albert, a soldier, had just finished a tour of duty in Germany and moved his family into the trailer while he constructed a house on the property.  Around 11 p.m. on November 23, 1982, he was reading in the living room while his wife worked in the kitchen.

“Suddenly, a LOUD howling sound began and at the same moment the trailer began shaking very violently,” he wrote.  “The howling and the shaking lasted ten seconds, but it was very loud as that of a bull horn,” and threatened to throw the structure off its blocks.  The assault stopped when Albert’s wife started screaming.  He grabbed a pistol and ran outside, where he found nothing amiss.

Albert went to the BFRO website and found a 1984 recording of a Bigfoot in Ohio which was nearly identical to his experience.


An inhabitant of a rural residential area in Forsyth County heard “screams and yells” during several nights and mornings, and one day he was outside when a creature “grunted” at him from the woodline and took four bipedal steps that covered 25 feet.  At one point it maneuvered around his house and “slapped or hit it.”

The Bigfoot Research and Investigation (GBRI), which supplied this and the remainder of our reports, believed there is “possible bigfoot activity” there each year between fall and spring.  They also found unexplained “broken limb formations.”


At 11:15 p.m. in August 2010 two suburban residents of Gwinnett County “heard exactly three long banging knocks” on the outside of their house.  They decided to investigate as they took their female collies for a bathroom break.  One dog “started growing and barking” and looked toward bushes bordering the yard, where the residents spotted “a male bigfoot” standing behind the vegetation.  It walked away several yards and stood in silhouette at the edge of woods.  The couple put the collies up and brought out their male Aussie and found the creature in the same location.  They described it as being eight feet tall, five feet across the shoulders, with black or dark brown hair.  One of the residents went outside an hour later for a smoke and heard a “Who!” from the side of the house.

“Then the male Bigfoot runs across the street to the neighbor’s house …and makes this weird dog bark/duck quack combination sound yet it had a ‘human-like’ voice quality to it. I am not sure what he was trying to do, say or convey at this point-just a really odd sound. Then he grew quiet and finally turned and walked off.”

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