Jasper County – The Hillsboro Horror

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By Jim Miles

In 2001 Andrew Calder, a central Georgia paranormal investigator based in Dublin, explored a case from Hillsboro.  A couple with four children, aged six to 14, had purchased a home constructed in 1902.  It had been the scene of several tragic deaths.  In the backyard was a grave with a headstone so old that no engraving survived.  It was thought to be a boy who drowned in a well located beside the house, which was filled in.  Early in the 20th century, a woman was killed by a truck on the adjacent highway.  She was thought to have been the mother of the drowned child.

The phenomenon in the house was particularly centered on a six-year-old daughter, who had nightmares almost every night, dreams of being pursued by animals, parrots, and pigs that wanted to eat her.  At times she fell into a trance that her parents were unable to break.  On one occasion her eyes rolled back in her head as she began an evil laugh, which continued for at least 10 minutes.  After recovering from the frightening episode, she had no memory of the experience, which suggested demonic possession.  She also had repeated encounters with a little girl clad in a dress.  The figure resembled a cardboard cutout, and the child conversed with her.

Another daughter reported seeing an “old woman giving medicine to some monsters” in the house. Describing the creatures as ‘hairy and very black,’ she refused to reveal additional details when questioned by her parents

The mother heard unidentifiable noises emanating from the attic, and an old time radio would be heard playing when no such appliance was on in the dwelling.  She also felt an unseen presence sit beside her on the couch one night.  The most frightening episode occurred on another evening when a force grabbed her nightgown and with considerable force first pulled it down then yanked the garment over her head.  On a number of occasions, she saw shadows moving in a hallway.  She often thought the house was haunted by multiple spirits that she did not fear and one she considered evil.

The father occasionally observed “a small red figure” in the living room that abruptly disappeared.  Once, while lying in bed, a voice whispered in his ear.

The situation was so serious that the children were reluctant to leave the school bus in the afternoon and return to their home. The family spent a week in a motel for a respite from the disturbing phenomenon.

On February 11, 2001, three investigators arrived and conducted a survey between nine p.m. and two a.m.  In the front part of the house, a streaking globule was filmed, a thermal scanner detected a sudden 20-degree drop in temperance and cold spots were found.  Shadows were observed in the hallway, and a family dog “barked throughout the night at something invisible.”  Photographs captured a face materializing in a white cloud, a glowing area where the temperature drop was detected, and a whitish cloud outside where the boy met his death in the well.

In the following months, Calder learned the paranormal experiences continued to be experienced by the family, particularly by the mother, often when she was alone.  She felt a presence while showering.

The 14-year-old son was showering one day while a boom box played his favorite tape.  He heard a button click and the sound ceased-investigating; he found the player turned off.  He turned the tape on again, and that same routine was repeated three more times.  Exasperated, he shouted for the nuisance to stop.  In response, the tape was ejected onto the floor and the boom box turned itself off again.

Nightmares continued for the six-year-old girl, and eventually, all three daughters had experiences with the little girl, previously seen only by the youngest.

The family had spent a considerable sum purchasing and remodeling the house and did not want to leave, but considering the paranormal activity, they were forced to entertain the idea.  After an attempt to direct the spirits to follow the light failed, the decision was made to involve the clergy in a supernatural intervention.

On April 15 Calder and a minster arrived at the home for counseling and prayer.  The adults gathered in a circle to take turns praying.  As Calder prayed he felt a presence behind him and “unusual physical sensations” on the back and head as if being pressed down and encouraged to cease praying.  As the minister began to pray, the sensation intensified for a time, but was replaced by a feeling he could only describe as “divine,” a feeling “that flooded my being, filling me with peace and pure energy.”  Later, the minister said that as he prayed, he felt the same vibes

When Calder contacted the family three months later, the home was described as peaceful.

From Haunted Central Georgia (2017)

Jim Miles is the author of two Weird Georgia books, seven books about Georgia ghosts and eight books about the Civil War. To see all of his books go to the Jim Miles Author Page on Amazon. Order autographed books or contact Jim directly at milesbooks@cox.net

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