Jim Miles, Author of Weird Georgia and Civil War Books

jim miles
Jim at Owl Rock.

Jim Miles, a native of Mobile, Alabama, moved to central Georgia 50 years ago and has extensively researched and written about the diverse history and culture of his adopted state.

Jim Miles, the World Class Authority on Georgia Weirdness, is posting the entire contents of his 2 Weird Georgia books on the Brown’s Guides website. To read the posts and talk to Jim about Weird Georgia or Weirdness in general, Click Here

When Jim was eight-years-old in 1961, the Centennial of the Civil War started and he followed the commemoration avidly, leading to a lifelong passion for the conflict.  He is author of seven books of the Civil War Explorer Series (Fields of Glory, To the Sea, Piercing the Heartland, Paths to Victory, A River Unvexed, Forged in Fire, and The Storm Tide), and Civil War Sites in Georgia.  These are not only histories, but comprehensive driving tours to entire campaigns, enabling readers to follow the path of war, understand its complexity, and visit each remaining site.

Jim has also had a lifelong fascination with all types of unusual phenomenon which he generally considers “weird.”  He has written two different books titled Weird Georgia (Cumberland House, 2000; Sterling Press, 2006), three books about the Peach State’s Civil War ghosts (Civil War Ghosts of North Georgia, Civil War Ghosts of Atlanta, and Civil War Ghosts of Central Georgia and Savannah), and, having lived his entire life around air force bases, Mysteries of Georgia’s Military Bases: Ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot.

Five of Jim Miles books were featured by The History Book Club and he has been historical adviser to a History Channel documentary and several History and Weather Channel episodes.

Jim’s most recent project has been to gather a ghost story from each of Georgia’s 159 counties (he also stubbornly insisted on finding stories for Milton County and Campbell County, which ceased to exist during the Great Depression).  The research sent him on a quest across the state, where he dove into every conceivable source for stories.  It took nearly 10 years to find a suitable tale for all 161 counties, and by the end of the quest, he was ready to tear his long, white hair out. These stories are told in Jim’s most recent books, Haunted North Georgia, Haunted Central Georgia, and Haunted South Georgia.

Over a span of nearly half a century, Jim has logged tens of thousands of miles exploring literally every nook and cranny in Georgia, and Civil War sites throughout the country.

Jim has a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Masters of Education degree from Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus.  He taught high school American history for 30 years at Peach County High School in Fort Valley. He lives in Warner Robins, Georgia, with his wife of 40 years, Earline.

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