Experience bioluminescent sea kayaking on California’s Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes Outdoors

point reyes kayaking
Sea kayak and camp on Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes Outdoors is located at their kayak and canoe retail store in Point Reyes Station, California. They provide Point Reyes kayaking on the Point Reyes peninsula, Point Reyes National Seashore, and Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary near San Francisco. The outfitter offers guided kayaking tours of Estero Americano State Marine Recreational Area, Drakes Estero Giacomini Wetlands, Tomales Bay kayaking, and more. The outfitter also provides guests with several naturalist-led environmental hikes of the peninsula, bioluminescence kayaking tours, low-impact camping, and kayak instruction. They also offer five-to-seven-day sea kayaking adventure tours along Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

Point Reyes Kayaking 36 miles north of San Francisco

Paddle in one of the last pristine estuaries on the California coast. Look for bat rays, leopard shark, harbor seals and white pelicans. Paddle to Hog Island and White Gulch. Pass sandstone cliffs and explore Tomales Bay. Explore Giacomini Wetlands to see hawks, egrets, heron, osprey, and kingfishers. Observe sunset from a peaceful beach.

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tomales Bay

At certain times of the year when water temperature, air temperature, winds, currents, and ties are correctly aligned, dinoflagellates light up the water a brilliant green when they are displaced by the motion of paddles in the water. Point Reyes kayaking bioluminescence tours fill up fast and advance reservations are recommended.

Kayaking Instruction on Point Reyes National Seashore

Learn to sea kayak or perfect kayaking skills you already have. Polish your forward stroke. Learn to roll. Practice rescue. Establish a solid foundation of sea kayaking techniques and practices.

Hiking Point Reyes Peninsula

Watch harbor seal pups learn to swim and play. Observe tule elk at Tomales point. See male elk protect territory to preserve their claim to their harem of females. Accompany a naturalist to see wildflower displays including Indian paintbrush, columbine, goldenfields, and blue-eyed grass. Examine tidepools where ochre sea stars, aggregated anemones, gooseneck barnacles and periwinkle snails inhabit the always-in-motion intertidal zone. Create a custom hike that covers your specific interests.

Camping on the shores of Tomales Bay

Camp on the shores of Tomales Bay in Point Reyes National Seashore. Naturalist guides accompany camping trips. Campers can bring their own food or the outfitter will provide it. All kayaking gear and kitchen and cooking equipment is provided.

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