Raft wild to mild sections of five different rivers in Utah, Colorado and Idaho

raft whitewater river
Rafting whitewater rivers in Colorado, Utah and Idaho

Holiday River Expeditions is headquartered in Green River, Utah. The outfitter specializes in multi-day whitewater rafting expeditions. They run ten different sections of five rivers in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. They range from calm, scenic trips to wild whitewater trips. Rafting expeditions down the Colorado and Green River include Ladore, Cataract, Desolation, and Westwater Canyons. Idaho trips are on two alpine sections of the Salmon River. Terra Incognita, or ‘place unknown’, is one of the most remote places in Utah for whitewater rafting. Trips explore seven national parks and 21 national monuments. Combination rafting/mountain biking trips are available.

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