Sea Kayak and Watch for Orca Whales in Washington’s 128 San Juan Islands

san juan islands kayaking
Sea kayaking and whale watching in Washington's San Juan Islands

Located in Anacortes the location of the ferry to the San Juan Islands and other San Juan islands Anacortes Kayak Tours provides half-day, full day, and multi-day San Juan Islands kayaking and whale watching. Trips which depart from Anacortes do not require a ferry ride. Other trips depart from Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. The outfitter also provides multi-day trips ranging from 2 to 5-days on which they furnish all gear and food. On all multi-day trips, the outfitter maintains a ratio of not more than six guests per guide. The one hundred and twenty-eight named islands in the San Juan Islands are known as one of the best orca whale watching destinations in the United States. Three pods of orcas with a total of up to 85 whales spend much of the spring and summer in the islands traveling up to 100 miles a day feeding on salmon.

San Juan Islands Kayaking Day Tours

Day trips do not require previous kayaking experience

Full Day Tours

About 5 hours. Departs from Roche Harbor Resort

Half Day Tours

About 3 hours. These half day trips are a good choice for less experienced kayakers and families. Trips depart from Anacortes or Roche Harbor Resort.

Family -Friendly Trips

About 1.5 hours. Designed for families with small children. Departs from Deception State Park.

Custom Trips Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Corporate and school groups can set up custom trips designed around their particular interest and time schedule

Multi-Day Trips Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Trips depart from Anacortes, San Juan Island and Orcas Island. Multi-day San Juan Islands kayaking trips include all meals, camping equipment, kayaks and kayak gear. Guides accompany each trip. Six guests per guide ratio. Paddlers on multi-day trips should be in reasonably good physical condition. Five day trips mayh average 8-to-10 miles of paddling per day.

Five-Day Trips

Depart from Anacortes and kayak to the Wasp Island Group. Depart from San Juan Island and paddle one way to Anacortes. Depart from Orcas island and paddle to the Sucia Island Group.

Four-Day Trips

Depart from Anacortes and paddle to the heart of the San Juan Islands

Three-Day Trips

Depart from Anacortes and paddle to Cypress Island Reserve. Depart from San Juan Island and paddle to Stuart or Jones Island. Depart from Orcas Island and paddle to Sucia Island

Two-Day Trips

Two-day San Juan Island kayaking trips may vary depending on the time of year. Options include Cypress Island, James Island and Hope Island State Park.

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