1973 Alien Invasion! Part 7-The Space Aliens Arrive in Georgia

By Jim Miles

Paul Brown, a minister and car dealer, tooled for home in his new, yellow Volkswagen beetle on the night of October 18.  He was traveling on U.S. 29, a mile and half north of Danielsville, on his way home from Hartwell.

“I was listening to the World Series,” he related.  “Then my radio went out.  As anybody would do, I reached over to get the channel tuner.  So I started turning and everything was the same way, it was just dead, a scattering sensation, static, no voices.  So I thought, ‘That’s crazy.’  My radio had never just gone out like this before.”

Suddenly, “Everything lighted up,” Brown said.  “I could see the road and the fields lighted up all around me.  My first impression was that it was a small airplane trying to land.”

The crashing airplane turned out to be a craft that had chosen his car to pace at sixty miles an hour, about 200 feet overhead.  After Brown got a good look at the object, he decided it was not configured like an airplane and made no engine sounds.  However, it was descending so rapidly, “I realized if I don’t stop I’m going to hit it.  So I come to a screeching halt,” which was fortunate because the ship had landed in the road 100 yards in front of him.  “I don’t know why I did it,” he said after slamming on his brakes and pulling the emergency brake as well, “but I opened the car door and managed, frightened as I was, to get one foot on the ground.”  The minister had started to pray when a light abruptly shone in his face.  It wasn’t a burning bush.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen, could ever describe, how bright the light was,” Brown said.  “Like a round beam, much bigger than a basketball in size.  It’s in my face…and it’s blinding me.  And then I realized I didn’t see any wings.  I heard no propellers.  It was a deathless quiet except for my engine running.”

He estimated the craft to be about fifteen feet in diameter and six feet high.

Space Aliens 1

“Two subjects came out,” Brown continued.  “Where they came from I don’t know.  I couldn’t see a flap, a drop door, or anything.  When I finally got my vision clear I could see a clearance underneath, so it was not belly-landed, it had some kind of landing gear.  And they came out, and they had on the most beautiful outfits I’ve ever seen, silver, blousey, come down to where your wrists are, then they had what appeared to be white gloves.  Very tight around the neck, like something a priest would wear.  Down to the feet, like a jump suit.  It looked like if you pulled a gun and shot it, it would glance off, yet it moved.  They could move, yet it looked like it was heavy, because of the way they walked, very slow.  I estimated them to be four to five feet tall.

“They just started walking down the road toward me, very slow.  I could see a face, you know, place where eyes would be, ears.  The faces were reddish.  Hair was almost like cotton, no discoloration, which leads me to believe maybe it was a mask of some kind.  I never got close enough to really say-closest I ever got was 150, 200 feet away, which is not too far away when you’re there by yourself.”

The creatures “had two arms and two legs like a man,” he noted.  And they were getting closer.  At that point Brown reached into his car for a .22 caliber target pistol he carried for protection when depositing money from his business.  The aliens got the message.

“I couldn’t have pulled the trigger, course it was still in the holster, but I lay it up on the side of the door.  I hadn’t spoken a word, my mouth was absolutely quivered, you know your nerves.”

The creatures had taken half a dozen steps toward him, but at the sight of a weapon “they turn around, walk very slow back behind the shadow to the bright light.  All of a sudden they disappear behind the light, and I try to see where they go, if they go in a hatch or what, but I couldn’t.”

When the aliens disappeared, “the lights went out almost instantly and stung my eyes again.  It took off at an angle and made a sound I would describe as like a million fans,” or “a whizzing sound, like golf balls coming by my ear.”  The spectacular exit “almost stood my hair on end.

“Whatever powered that object-I’ve never seen or heard anything even resembling it, ‘cause it didn’t go straight up or straight out, it went on a 45-degree angle like you would not believe-just whoooo.”

After the craft vanished among the stars, the car radio resumed playing.  Shaken, “my legs about buckling,” Brown drove to the nearest telephone at a service station and called the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Danielsville.  After hearing the story, Deputy Jimmy Mattox returned to the site with Brown and found twenty five-foot long skid marks.  He described Brown as “shaking all over.”

“I was shaken,” Brown admitted.  “I didn’t sleep at all that night.”  He described the evening as “like a nightmare.”

On the following day, investigators discovered that the grass beside the road at the landing site was “fan swept.”

On October 20 Brown revealed that Air Force experts had made arrangements to speak with him.

“All I know is what I saw,” Brown continued, his quarter hour of fame concluded.  “I tried to be brave as I could as this unfolded before me.  I knew I was in for some exciting moments.”

Space Alien 2

The same night that Brown had his encounter, October 18, UFO activity resumed in the Savannah area.  An unidentified woman reported that at 9:15 p.m. she and several other ladies were returning home on U.S. 17 in Effingham County after a church function when she spotted a tiny, silver figure standing beside the highway.  A “whole line of traffic slowed down to about 10 miles an hour,” she stated, to stare at the creature, but “I guess everyone was just too scared of what they might find” to stop and investigate.

Nearly an hour earlier in nearby Pembroke, Reverend Hanie Burnsed, pastor of Northside Baptist Church, said he and a number of families stood beside GA 67 and observed a large, bluish, circular craft with a long tail which hovered for half an hour around 8:30 p.m.  When the tail neared the ground, Burnsed said, several “ladies thought they might be sucked up.”

Space Alien 3

On October 19 an Alabama businesswoman, identified by The Huntsville Times as Mrs. Robinson had left home alone for Tifton, 200 miles south of Atlanta.  At 3:30 p.m. she was 25 miles north of Tifton on Interstate 75.  She had just had her gas tank filled and engine checked at a service station when “The car just quit,” she said, engine, brakes, and steering.  “There was no noise…absolutely nothing.”  Suddenly deprived of power brakes and steering, she struggled to coast to the side of the highway.  While sitting in the sudden silence, stunned by the behavior of her car, Mrs. Robinson had a “strange feeling.”  Slowly, reluctantly, she turned to her left, and standing right beside her window was a four foot tall “metal man,” topped by a matching bubble.

“I just didn’t really believe it was real,” she told Barry Casebolt, the Times’ science writer.  “But it really was.  I could see part of it, from what I would call the waist up.  It was dressed in a metallic material, sort of like pewter.  The bubble was made of the same material…there were two openings for the eyes.  The slits were rectangular.”  Had her window been open, “I could have touched it,” she said.  “It was that close.”

.The creature resembled a normal human, she thought, but the helmet tracked back and forth, up and down, as if it were programmed and could only see directly to its front.  Mrs. Robinson saw no aircraft or vehicle and detected no unusual light, odor, or sound.

In the five to six minutes of the experience, the woman could not make herself look directly at the figure.  The entity moved from the front of the car and walked to the rear before disappearing as she tracked it through her rear view mirror.  “He didn’t bother me,’ she said.  “He just walked away, just disappeared.”

Finally certain she was alone; the woman left her car and raised the hood to convey distress.  As she lifted the hood she found it was almost hot enough to melt.  “It was so hot and the metal so soft, that it looked like you could poke your thumb through it.  But the paint was not affected.”  A great cloud of smoke, without fire, billowed from the engine compartment.

An hour and a half later a Georgia State Trooper stopped to help the stranded woman and listened to her bizarre tale.  The patrolman said that he had heard identical stories from several other motorists that day.   The trooper called a tow truck, which arrived after another hour and a half had elapsed.  Only at the garage, three hours after the encounter, could someone safely touch the engine.

Morgan County’s UFO encounters began when residents flooded newspaper offices and police departments with reports of UFOs at seven p.m. on the night of October 17.  The object was in clear sight, and observers with binoculars easily identified it as a large weather balloon.

But what appeared two nights later was never identified.  Just before eight p.m. Elaine Tannerhill picked up her two year old son Michael and started for their home in Rutledge.  They soon saw in the sky an object Elaine described as “two long, blue, shinning clouds blinking at one another.”  The lights were slim and looked like fluorescent bulbs.

“The lights were going on and off,” she stated, “and formed into a larger mass that looked sort of like the moon.  The lights became blue-green at the top level, and the nearer I got, took on more of a formation.  The object had an oval shape and as it came toward the truck it seemed turquoise in color.”

Michael called it an airplane but Elaine was certain it wasn’t as the UFO approached, then followed the truck so closely she thought it had attached itself to the back of the pickup.  She stomped the accelerator.  “I must have been going over a hundred miles an hour,” she said.  “I was hoping a patrolman would come along and follow me too.”

Mrs. Tannerhill turned into a driveway and the UFO pursued, hovering 50 feet above the house while Elaine discovered no one was home.  She hurriedly continued her journey, turning down a long drive to the house of Billy Hawks.  It followed her and again hovered above the house as she entered.

Several minutes passed before the panicked Elaine could explain what had happened.  She and the Hawks’ stepped outside to find the UFO keeping station above the residence.  Five minutes later the object climbed, blinked several times, and faded away.

This case also provided a rare physical trace element.  As Elaine ran to the Hawks’ house “the thing scorched my face,” she claimed.  The Hawks’ noticed that one side of her face and burned, as did a reporter four days later.

“Some people think maybe what I saw and what attached itself to my truck was a cloud of gas, but I am certain that it could not have been a cloud of gas,” she concluded, referring to an explanation offered for some sightings.

When Elaine told her boss, Mrs. Carter Campbell, about the incident, she admitted to having seen the lights earlier as she drove to Rutledge.  “They frightened me too,” she said, “but they didn’t follow me.”

At the home of Herbert Autry, binoculars and a telescopic sight were trained on the UFO and a number of people watched it hover.  Three others in Morgan and Greene counties witnessed the same thing.

From Weird Georgia, with subsequent additional research.

Jim Milesufossavannah is the author of two Weird Georgia books, seven books about Georgia ghosts and eight books about the Civil War. To see all of his books go to the Jim Miles Author Page on Amazon. Order autographed books or contact Jim directly at milesbooks@cox.net



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