1973 Alien Invasion! Part 8-The End of UFO Activity across Georgia

ufo activity

By Jim Miles

The End of the Aliens

Mars Walker was a twenty-year old University of Georgia art student who lived in an apartment near Airport Road in Athens.  At two a.m. on October 20 his reading was disturbed by “a high-pitched, siren-like sound.”   Glancing toward the window, he noticed a “glow like a watch dial” shimmering outside.  When he opened the door, outside lights illuminated a craft that slowly descended from the sky about fifty yards away.  The object was rounded, varying in diameter from ten to seventeen feet, and smooth surfaced.  It “had no definite color, just a vague shade of purple, like a midnight sky,” he said.

After five minutes the pitch of the sound became sharper “and a thing took shape within the doughnut shape of the middle.”  It required another minute before the form became clearly visible.  According to Mars, “it was a human-like being standing erect,” and colored “a sea green-opaque like a hologram.”  The most prominent aspect of the creature was its “medusa-head,” composed of objects resembling tentacles that surrounded the head.  Each hand had three or four fingers, but otherwise seemed human.

“He, or it, had a number of oddly shaped objects that he wore on a plastic belt,” Mars observed.  They were egg-shaped, “with one end of the egg cut off.”  Walker thought they might be instruments because he observed them change color and believed the alien was taking readings.

“The odd thing to me” Walker continued, “is how little attention it paid me, no interest in communicating with me or threatening me or any other activity, besides observing.”

The scene was surreal, the creature bathed in the pale green light like “an electrical field,” the student thought.  Perhaps it was a hologram

Apparently finished with its duties, the entity was taken back inside the craft.  After a half-hour encounter, the UFO departed.

“I went in and tried to get over the shock,” Walker said, adding that it was hours before he could sleep.

“I didn’t have time to get scared,” he continued.  “I was so fascinated by it.”

Mysterious aerial objects were spotted that night by five sheriff’s deputies and two ambulance drivers at three points across Clarke County.  They described high-flying red, blue, and green flashing lights, usually observed in clusters.  At the courthouse Deputy Larry Reynolds watched them through a telescope.

“I was glad to know some others had a similar experience,” Walker stated.  Well, not exactly similar.

The End of Close Encounters

Another physical effect on a car occurred at 11:30 p.m. on October 20 in Terrell County.  A man driving to his girlfriend’s house spotted flashing lights ahead which he assumed was a police car until a beam shone on his vehicle.  “Everything stopped on my car,” he said.  “Everything went out.  It blew every fuse in the car.”

A UFO hovering 100 feet above the ground pulled the car off the pavement, then returned it to the highway.  The car cranked immediately and the motorist raced for safety.  “It followed me for a ways and I could see the corn stalks blowing around underneath it, but I don’t think there was anything burned,” he concluded.

After a radio station reported a sighting south of Fitzgerald on October 24, Ralph Smith and Johnny Brown drove out to a firing range near the airport, where they observed an unusual light, larger than a star, which moved around the sky.  Through a telescope they saw it make a circle before disappearing.  Numerous other area residents described the same event.

On October 24 an employee of the Colquitt County Extension Service was driving on GA 133 at eleven p.m. and was starting across the Ochlochnee River Bridge when he saw an oval UFO occupying the center of the road.  He managed to stop fifty feet away and studied the craft in awe.  The man described the UFO as shaped like the top of a grain silo, six to seven feet high.  As he watched, “lights started coming on…red, yellow, blue and green-in that order in a clockwise motion.  There was no sound at all.  I couldn’t see any type of door, windows or anything other than just dull gray metal.”

When the witness grabbed for a gun under his seat, the UFO ascended and flew over his car and the tree line and disappeared.

The UFO next decided to play chicken.  Half an hour later a carload of people on Sylvester Road watched the craft drop close to the pavement and head straight for them.  The driver wheeled the car into a yard and doused the lights.  The UFO hovered for a moment, then rose and disappeared into the night.

The End of Aerial Maneuvers

Georgia’s last reported UFOs from the dramatic 1973 campaign originated from the west-central portion of the state.  For weeks in a six to eight square mile area of Upson and Crawford counties a number of UFOs regularly entertained the locals along U.S. 80.  At length Thomaston Times reporter Leon Smith decided to investigate.  At dusk on October 25, 1973 he traveled to Blalock’s Grocery Store on County Line. Road.  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blalock and their neighbors had observed objects for two weeks.  Howard Blalock, son Brad, and neighbor Chip Gaultney took Luther to a quiet, isolated hilltop six miles off the highway with no trees obscuring sight.

The first UFO appeared at nine p.m., reddish-orange lights to the north.  It “started an erratic run southward, sometimes fast, sometimes slow and often in a movement like a child hop-scotching.  It moved across the sky, dropped behind a horizon tree-line and in a few minutes popped up again and floated back to the north before suddenly disappearing.  Five more UFOs appeared in the next thirty minutes, two simultaneously in the sky-first they were not there and then they were.  These also moved in irregular fashion, up and down a little, north and south and one to the northwest.”

Airplanes overflew the area during the sighting, easily demonstrating that the UFOs were not normal aircraft.  They were silent; the planes could be heard; airplane lights blinked; UFO lights generally remained steady; and the UFOs rose and fell.

Blalock was a little disappointed with the nights’ show.  “They’re smaller tonight,” he said.  Some appeared to be close and 36 inches in diameter.  Sometimes they were as fast as the tracer bullets Blalock fired during World War II.

Smith interviewed other families in the area.  They reported watching the objects from their porches and while fishing in the Flint River.  All agreed that the unidentified lights seemed under intelligent control.  They “make sharp turns, run at varied speeds stop and start up again, fly in formation at times and run in opposing directions simultaneously,” Smith wrote.

“We just don’t know what they are,” Blalock said.  Back at the store groups of people were watching for UFOs and in the morning children climbing aboard Blalock’s school bus were chattering about the previous night’s UFOs.

The incredible wave of UFO sightings which inundated Georgia and spread across the country in the late summer and autumn of 1973 ranks as the greatest UFO event in American history.  Since that time there have been impressive UFO displays over various parts of the world, but never in such a wholesale manner, particularly above the United States.  UFOs appear, but in restricted locales.  Since 1973 U.S. ufology has focused on cattle mutilations and silent, black helicopters, Roswell, Area 51, government cover-ups, abductions, and other permutations.  Unfortunately, the joyous days of good-humored UFO sightings have been replaced by rumors of dark secrets and sinister plots.  The truth may indeed be out there, but if it is we still don’t have a clue to what it is.  The Wave of 1973 had absolutely no useful function, at least so far as human minds can divine.

From Weird Georgia, with subsequent additional research.

Jim Milesufossavannah is the author of two Weird Georgia books, seven books about Georgia ghosts and eight books about the Civil War. To see all of his books go to the Jim Miles Author Page on Amazon. Order autographed books or contact Jim directly at milesbooks@cox.net


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