weird georgia

Why Two Books Named Weird Georgia?

By Jim Miles This is a typical story of publishing, which is riddled with confusion and conflict. I am frequently asked: Why are there two different books with the same exact title, Weird Georgia?  Ten […]

airplane treehouse

Sam Edward’s Calhoun Airplane Treehouse

By Jim Miles Sam Edwards is a happy man.  He worked as an advance man for Jimmy Carter’s failed reelection campaign in 1980, and did the same four years later for Ohio Senator John Glenn.  […]


Space Aliens Invade Henry County in 1955

By Jim Miles Few are aware of a bizarre but well documented encounter with aliens that occurred in Henry County 60 years ago. Mrs. Margaret Symmonds, 52, and her husband, Wesley, of Coverdale, Ohio, left […]

ghost roundup

2014 Ghost Roundup from Across Georgia

By Jim Miles Ghost Roundup: Dallas The old Paulding County Courthouse in Dallas was constructed in 1892. Many trials were held there, and many lives altered.  During the 1930s a local woman was happy to […]


Georgia’s Airship Age, Prelude to the UFOs

By Jim Miles UFOs have been with us always, but in different guises which matched the next logical state of human transportation advancement.  This age old phenomena mutates as society develops.  The “phantom airship” phenomenon […]


David Huggin’s Alien Sex Life

By Jim Miles This news from the art world probably eluded you, but a new genre is “alien art,” composed by abductees/contactees.  David Huggins’s experiences with aliens started years ago in Paulding County, Georgia.  In […]

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