georgia bigfoot

Georgia Big Foot Sounds Off

By Jim Miles In two recent reports and one from two years back, Bigfoot creatures were raising a vocal ruckus across Georgia. Around 11:15 p.m. on August 23 a 60-year-old resident of Murray County was […]

baker county fairy folk

Fairy Folk or Miniature Druids

By Jim Miles It was midnight in the winter of 1978, the sky clear and the temperature thirty degrees, quite frigid for southwest Georgia.  A couple had visited a doctor in Camilla and were returning […]

allatoona pass ghost

Train Ghosts of Allatoona Pass

By Jim Miles On October 28, 1934 the Atlanta Journal Magazine published a story about E.L. (Polly) Milan, a man who started his railroading career in 1877.  Born on May 25, 1861, one month after […]

jasper county ga ghosts

Jasper County – The Hillsboro Horror

By Jim Miles In 2001 Andrew Calder, a central Georgia paranormal investigator based in Dublin, explored a case from Hillsboro.  A couple with four children, aged six to 14, had purchased a home constructed in […]

minnie winston

House of Blood The Bleeding House

By Jim Miles In 1987 William and Minnie Winston had been married forty-four years.  For the previous twenty-two years, they had rented a six-room, red brick home at the corner of Fountain Drive and Morris […]

mayhayley lancaster

Soothsayer and Witch: Mayhayley Lancaster

By Jim Miles By most definitions, Mayhayley Lancaster was a witch.  Born October 18, 1875, she lived in the ancient family log cabin.  She wore short silk skirts, fancy hats, large hoop earrings, and multiple […]

richard russell ufo

Senator Richard Russell’s UFO

By Jim Miles In 1985 the United States government declassified twelve formerly top secret CIA, Air Force, and FBI files which detailed a UFO sighting made 30 years earlier in the USSR by Georgia Senator […]

tina davis

Poltergeists and Murder Part 2

By Jim Miles Back at home, the life of Tina Davis continued to deteriorate.  At age sixteen she slit her wrists but survived the suicide attempt.  Several months later, with Tina still rebelling, Joan and […]

william roll

Poltergeists and Murder Part 1

By Jim Miles I had planned to tell this tragic story for years.  With the recent death of 85 year old Dr. William G. Roll (January 9, 2012), Georgia’s most prominent parapsychologist and a principal […]


Patrick Cleburne at Ringold Gap

By Jim Miles Respected Confederate general Patrick Cleburne was recently honored with a bronze statue at Ringgold Gap, where he fought a rearguard battle that saved the Army of Tennessee. The siege of Chattanooga was […]

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