richard russell ufo

Senator Richard Russell’s UFO

By Jim Miles In 1985 the United States government declassified twelve formerly top secret CIA, Air Force, and FBI files which detailed a UFO sighting made 30 years earlier in the USSR by Georgia Senator […]

tina davis

Poltergeists and Murder Part 2

By Jim Miles Back at home, the life of Tina Davis continued to deteriorate.  At age sixteen she slit her wrists but survived the suicide attempt.  Several months later, with Tina still rebelling, Joan and […]

william roll

Poltergeists and Murder Part 1

By Jim Miles I had planned to tell this tragic story for years.  With the recent death of 85 year old Dr. William G. Roll (January 9, 2012), Georgia’s most prominent parapsychologist and a principal […]


Patrick Cleburne at Ringold Gap

By Jim Miles Respected Confederate general Patrick Cleburne was recently honored with a bronze statue at Ringgold Gap, where he fought a rearguard battle that saved the Army of Tennessee. The siege of Chattanooga was […]

murray county ga ghost

Murray County – The Horrifying House

By Jim Miles Dr. L.E. Patterson spent years collecting tales of hauntings from the people of northwest Georgia.  His 1982 book, True Ghost Stories of North Georgia, retold four stories from Whitfield, Floyd, and Murray […]

screven ghost

Ghost Light of Screven

By Jim Miles A number of rural communities across Georgia have stories of a ghost light, spook light, or will ‘o the wisp.  Many of these spooky orbs seem related to tales of railroad engineers, […]

weird ga taylor county

Furniture Knocking Library Ghost

By Jim Miles In October 2006 I was asked to speak to the Taylor County Historical Society, which met at the Butler Public Library. It is a very active organization and the meeting room was […]

ga bigfoot update

Bigfoot Update 2011: Roundup

By Jim Miles We end our Bigfoot Updates with a roundup of sightings from across the state, and the creatures display a remarkable degree of aggression and territoriality.  The first three reports come from the […]

ga bigfoot update

Bigfoot Returns to Georgia

By Jim Miles In 2000 a family purchased 30 acres of land in rural Elbert County and took up residence.  Since then they and neighbors have had many sightings of a Bigfoot creature.  They have […]

water monster ga


By Jim Miles Georgia’s famed water monster is found along the Altamaha River, a vast tidal estuary that includes many rivers, creeks and marshes that are affected by the Atlantic Ocean tides.  The creature has […]

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