Whitewater raft Idaho’s Hells Canyon on the Snake River and Salmon River Canyons

five guys rafting whitewater idaho snake river
Whitewater rafting on Idaho's Snake River

Family owned and operated, McCall-based Hells Canyon Raft has been guiding whitewater rafting trips through Idaho’s Hells Canyon on the Snake River and down the Salmon River Canyons since 1983. The outfitter offers fully equipped expeditions of between three and six days, with “safari-style” luxury camping and gourmet cuisine. Trips are interpretive, as guides point out pertinent natural and historical features of the rivers and canyons, and tours are structured to allow plenty of time for fishing, hiking, or relaxing between river runs. The outfitter offers specialty fishing oriented rafting tours targeting either smallmouth bass or steelhead and sturgeon. Customized tours can be designed for small groups or couples.

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