Experinece alpine mountaineering on Washington’s Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Eldorado Peak

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Climbers perfect alpine mountaineering skills in Washington's Cascade range

Based in Seattle, Washington, Alpine Ascents International has been guiding alpine mountaineering and climbing expeditions around the world since 1986 and offers numerous mountain climbing training courses designed to provide climbers with the skills needed to conquer the world’s most challenging peaks. In Washington, the outfitter specializes in guided climbs of Mounts Baker and Rainier, and Eldorado Peak. Internationally, the outfitter guides climbs on the “Seven Summits,” and on other summits of international climbing renown. The climbing school offers three- to 14-day intensive courses for beginner and intermediate climbers, and includes practice climbs in the Cascade Mountains.

Alpine Ascents guides a large menu of international climbs and courses. Included here are domestic climbs and courses only. See Alpine Ascents’ website for their international activity and additional domestic climbs and instructional courses.

Alpine Climbing


Small group climbs of either 9 climbers and 3 guides or 6 climbers and 2 guides. Private trips can be arranged for smaller groups. Climbers must be in excellent physical condition and trained in the necessary climbing skills.

Mount Rainier 3-day Muir Climb

This is a 3-day instructional course and summit climb. Climbers learn the basics of glacier mountaineering. Guide ratio is 2:1, that is one guided for every two climbers.

Mount Rainier 4 Day Kautz Climb

Rigorous 4 days of climbing. Climbers carry camping and cooking gear that results in packs weighing 65 pounds

Mount Rainier 4 Day Emmons Climb

For climbers with previous experience on glaciers will travel on the largest glacier in the contiguous United States. Climbers carry camping and cooking gear in packs that weigh 65 pounds.

Mount Baker 3 Day Climb

A good introduction to alpine mountaineering. Climbers carry gear and tents to a high camp.

Mount Baker North Ridge

An introduction to alpine ice climbing and intermediate alpine mountaineering.

Alpine Mountaineering Courses

Beginner Alpine Mountaineering Courses

  • Cascades Rainier 10 Day. Combines the Cascades 6-day course with a 4-day climb of Mt. Rainier.
  • Cascades-Ranier 9 Day. The Cascades 6-day course followed by a climb of Mt. Rainier
  • Rainier 8 Day. Eight-day training course topped off by a summit climb on Mount Rainier’s Emmons Glacier
  • Cascades 6 Day. Hands-on alpine climbing and safety training in Washington’s Cascade Range
  • Denali Prep on Mt. Rainier. 6-day, 8-day, and 10-day courses in preparation for climbing Denali.
  • Cascades 13 Day. A comprehensive 13-day alpine mountaineering course. Learn basic mountaineering skills, rock climbing techniques, and advanced alpine climbing.
  • Cascades Rock Climbing. 5-day rock climbing course for beginning and intermediate climbers.
  • Alpine Rock Climbing. 4-day course for experienced climbers with basic mountaineering skills.
  • Alaska 8 Day. Learn mountaineering essentials and develop a firm understanding of alpine climbing skills
  • Alaska 12 Day. Impart mountaineering essentials and alpine climbing skills. Includes up to 4 summit attempts.
  • Rainier 1 Day. Mountaineering Fundamentals Basic skills for mountaineering

Intermediate Alpine Mountaineering Courses

  • Cascades 8 Day Intermediate. Climb in steep snow, ice, rock and mixed terrain.
  • Alaska 8 Day Intermediate. Learn advanced mountaineering skills in the Alaska Range. All eight days are spent in the mountains.

Shopping for Gear

Alpine Ascents International has an online gear store containing ultra-high quality gear and accessories for both men and women. The outfitter provides a specific detailed gear list for each domestic and international trip it offers.


The outfitter provides text and audio updates for trips in progress at 1-to-three-day intervals. The updates are posted directly to the Alpine Ascents International website.

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