Kayak the Altamaha BioReserve on the Georgia coast to see wildlife and natural areas

altamaha river kayaking
Altamaha River kayaking in the Altamaha BioReserve to see wildlife and natural areas

Located near St. Simon’s Island and 45 minutes south of Savannah, Georgia, Altamaha Coastal Tours is headquartered in Darien, Georgia. The outfitter provides Altamaha River kayaking adventures in the Altamaha River Bioreserve; kayakers can observe bottlenose dolphins, manatee, otters, alligators, deer, mink, eagles, osprey, and thousands of seabirds. Trips range from kayaking black-water swamps of cypress knees and giant old growth forests to camping on deserted islands with white-sand beaches. Kayakers can paddle on two-hour to six-hour day trips or multi-day adventures. Guided tours are offered year-round along the semi-tropical Georgia Coast.

Kayaking Blackwater Swamps

Coordinating the timing of the trip with the rising and falling of the tides is necessary to ensure a successful experience. The half-day Altamaha River kayaking trips, including Buffalo Swamp’s Otter and Cathead Creek, illustrates the transition from freshwater tidal swamp ecosystems to brackish, and then salt marsh environment.

Camping on White Sand Beaches

Camp on deserted islands with white sand beaches. Camping on Wolf Island Wilderness Area, Blackbeard Island Wilderness Area, Queen Island, and Sapelo Island require either permits or permission from property owners. These permits and permissions can be taken care of by the outfitter.

Visiting Natural Areas

The Altamaha BioReserve has been called one of “The world’s last great places.” Altamaha River kayaking includes blackwater swamps, old-growth cypress trees, white sand beaches and deserted islands. The Altamaha River, of which the Altamaha BioReserve is a part, is the largest river in Georgia. More fresh water flows into the Atlantic Ocean from the Altamaha Basin than from any other river in the Southeastern United States.

Viewing Bottle Nosed Dolphins and other Wildlife

Visitors to the Altamaha BioReserve have the opportunity to view bottlenose dolphin, manatee, otters, alligators, deer, mink, eagles, osprey, raccoons, sea turtles, and thousands of seabirds.

Altamaha River Kayaking Rentals and Shuttles Available

Altamaha Coastal Tours provides guided single-day and multi-day tours, but canoe and kayak rentals and shuttle service for on-your-own tours is also available. Equipment rental includes tandem or solo canoes, sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks. Packages include paddles, life jacket and spray skirts if needed.

Places of Historical Interest in the Area

Fort King George Historic Site

The oldest English fort remaining on the Georgia coast. From 1721 until 1736 this was the southernmost outpost of the British Empire in North America.

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Historic Site

This plantation illustrates the history and culture of Georgia’s rice coast in the 1800s.

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