Canoe Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or Canada’s Quetico Park

bwca canoe rental
Launching canoes in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters is located in Crane Lake, Minnesota, at the boundary where Minnesota ends and Canada begins. They provide trip planning, BWCA canoe rental, and shuttle services for exploration the beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) and the adjoining Canadian Quetico Park to the north. This is an expansive connection of rivers, lakes, and waterways.

Trip Planning for Canoeing in the Boundary Waters 

Anderson’s provides detailed trip planning information so that individuals contemplating a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters / Quetico Park wilderness areas can plan their trip from their home. Trip planning includes BWCA canoe rental information, shuttle routes, and services, maps. For trip planning purposes you need to provide the outfitter with…


  • Length of trip (minimum 3 days)
  • Whether you want a lightweight or ultralight canoe. Anderson’s provides lightweight aluminum canoes and ultra lightweight kevlar canoes
  • Number of people on the trip

Outfitting Packages – Everything Down to Dish Soap

A complete outfitting package includes BWCA canoe rental with carrying pads, paddles, PFDs, tents, packs, food, cooking utensils. griddle or frying pan with grill, dish soap, SOS pads, toilet paper, paper towels, dining fly, shovel and saw, sleeping bag with a compression sack, insulated waterproof sleeping pad.

BWCA Canoe Rental for Paddling the Boundary Waters

Aluminum and kevlar canoes are available for rental. Anderson’s will consult with you to determine the canoes best suited to you and your group.

Maps for Exploring the BWCA and Quetico Wildernesses

Anderson’s provides maps that contain information it has put together over years of experience exploring the Boundary Waters and /Quetico Wilderness areas. You provide Anderson’s with your email address and the outfitter downloads maps. Maps are customized for individuals who are planning canoe trips to the area.

Food Includes a Variety of Menu Options

Anderson’s provides a large variety of menu options. Pictures of the meal selections along with explanations of the food items are available on the Food Menu page of the outfitter’s website.

Shuttle Services for BWCA Canoe Rental

Anderson’s shuttle services enable you to get to a departure point as efficiently and quickly as possible. Round trip shuttles drop you off at your departure point and pick you up at your takeout. Shuttle services serve Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Quetico Provincial Park as well as Crane Lake, Lac La Croix and Voyageurs National Forest.

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