Off-Road Tour Denali National Park in Monster 9,000 to 12,000 lb Trucks

denali national park tours
Tour on monster trucks in Denali National Park backcountry

Denali Sightseeing Safaris provides Denali National Park Tours in customized trucks weighing nine to twelve thousand pounds. The vehicles have 64-inch tires inflated to 8 pounds. The Trucks have an extremely low gear ratio. They have custom springs and shocks. Special seats ensure that guests have a comfortable ride. Only one road, the 91-mile-long Denali Park Road, is available in the park. It begins at the George Parks Highway and runs west ending at Kantishna. The Denali Visitor Center is at mile marker 1.5 on the Denali Park Road. It is the main location for information about the park and where virtually all of the traffic is. These Denali National Park tours avoid the main road and get off-road into backcountry Denali.

Ride the Old Mining Trail in Denali National Park

The main route follows the Old Mining Trail. The tours follow established routes taking care not to create ruts or harm vegetation. Ride unimproved trails. Cross two glacial rivers using the 4×4 features of the trucks. Ride up the Chulitna river bed. Get above the timberline into alpine tundra.

See a Historic Gold Mine on Denali National Park Tours

Denali National Park Tours in the huge 4×4, low-gear-ratio trucks last six to seven hours and cover some 30 miles. They include a visit to a historic gold mine, stopping for short nature walks, and wildlife viewing. Trips can be tailored to individual guests preferences in terms of distance and locations.

Some of the Natural Resources of Denali National Park

Denali National Park encompasses over 6 million acres including Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) at 20,310 feet the tallest peak in North America.

Key Natural features of Denali National Park

  • DENALI (Mount McKinley) 20,310 feet. Together with Mt. Foraker (17,400 feet), and Mt. Hunter 14,573 feet), the three mountains dominate the skyline for hundreds of miles.
  • THE ALASKA RANGE A 600-mile stretch of mountains the highest portion of which is located in Denali.
  • SAVAGE RIVER The gravel bars along the river provide hiking opportunities
  • GLACIERS Glaciers cover about 16% of Denali National Park and Preserve. Muldrow Glacier (32 miles long) is the park’s longest glacier. Other glaciers include
    • Yeta Glacier (20 miles long)
    • Kahiltna Glacier (30 miles long)
    • Tokositna Glacier (23 miles long)
    • Ruth Glacier (31 miles long)
    • Eldrige Glacier (30 miles long)

Planning Your Visit to Denali

The National Park Service Denali website, particularly the Plan Your Visit section is a good resource for familiarizing yourself with the basic geography and natural resources of Denali

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