Experienced Outfitters Provide Access to Escalante Natural Areas Not Available to Most Hikers

Golden Cathedral in Escalante National Monument. Getting to Golden Cathedral is tricky and calls for good navigational skills ... Or an experienced hiking guide. Photo by John Fowler

These outfitters provide guided hiking experiences in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument region of Utah. They will give you access to Escalante hikes not always accessible to individuals hiking on their own. Plus, they provide insights into the area’s natural and cultural history that will significantly increase your enjoyment of an adventure into Escalante Canyon.

A Brief Introduction to the Grand Staircase with an Explanation of Why It’s Such a Treasure for Hikers

The remote Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was the last part of the lower 48 states to get mapped. It remains today one of the most remote sections of the country. President Bill Clinton designated 1,880,461 acres of the Escalante Grand Staircase as a national monument in 1996. The action recognizing Escalante’s importance for scientific research into the geological significance of the region and its attraction as a destination for adventurous outdoors people. The acreage was reduced by nearly 47 percent by a presidential proclamation in 2017. Outdoors and environmental groups have filed suit to challenge the reduction. The “Grand Staircase” characterization comes from a series of plateaus that drop from Bryce Canyon south toward the Grand Canyon. (See the illustration, above). Vertical drops are at Pink Cliffs, Grey Cliffs, Vermillion Cliffs, and Chocolate Cliffs. At nine thousand feet Kaiparowits Plateau is the highest, wildest, and most remote part of the monument. It is rich in Late Cretaceous fossils. Since 2000, numerous dinosaur fossils over 75 million years old have been found here. Flowing through the region over millions of years, the Escalante River has carved out canyons, steep walls, and caves. The average temperature is 40.2 degrees Fahrenheit, the average rainfall is 1.66 inches, and the average snowfall is 10.3 inches. Read more about the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Outfitters Who Guide Hiking Trips in the Grand Staircase

The outfitters and guides in the photo gallery above and the infographic below are based in and around the Grand Staircase Escalante and provide guided Escalante hikes, backpacking, and photography tours into the remote region. Their experience and insights can increase the pleasure of anyone adventuring into this part of the US.

Dreamland Safari Tours Kanab, UT Emphasis on short Escalante hikes and photography “From the well-known sites to those secret places only the locals know about” Tours of other natural areas. Overnight and multi-day trips
Earth Tours Boulder, UT, and Jackson Hole, WY Escalante Canyons guided hikes “The Escalante Canyons are some of the most remote and wonderful places in the redrock desert of southern Utah” 4-wheel drive tours of Escalante Rim, Capitol Reef backcountry, and others
Escalante Canyon Outfitters Boulder, UT Personally escorted Escalante hikes by a small staff of guides “We don’t offer a multitude of activities spread across the globe. We just offer one thing and we do it very well; we explore the Escalante Canyons of southern Utah.” Eco-living, organic farming
Escape Goats Escalante, UT Day tours, base camp “We are a family owned and operated business celebrating its 12th season as a permitted outfitter, guide, and shuttle service.” Backpacking, base camps, photo tours, and shuttle service
Excursions of Escalante Escalante, UT Slot canyon hiking. On these tours, the average group’s age is 65-75 “We are in our 18th year as Escalante’s first locally based professional guide service” Canyoneering, multi-day trips, photography tours, shuttle service
Utah Canyon Outdoors Escalante, UT Guided hikes to some of the best spots in the Grand Staircase “We like to keep our group sizes small, we don’t combine out guests into groups bigger than five. We are able to accommodate larger groups up to 8 people Shuttles, rentals, outdoor store

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