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Explore the Florida Everglades by sea kayak

From the old Ivey House in Everglades City, the outfitters at Everglades Adventures give all visitors of this environmental monument Florida Everglades tours that go into the heart of the natural area. They have guided people on canoe, kayak, and airboat through the heavy grass and waters for shots of the entire land that not even a picture can take in. It is a piece of plush, tropical, and cypress-filled forest where aquatic and airborne creatures call home and fly and crawl through every day. With the help of the National Park Service, their guides lead the public into the top spots for and reveal the hidden secrets of what makes this bio-network extraordinary as one of Nature’s beautiful creations.

A Brief History of the Florida Everglades

The first visitors arrived in the 1860s and established Everglades City, which soon grew with more Americans driving south towards Miami, just 80 miles away. With the creation of the first highway between Florida’s coasts, the Tamiami Trail, the Ivey House was constructed as a boarding house for fisherman and visitors heading into the Everglades. It was designated as a national park in 1934 and canals were constructed in an effort to protect the Everglades from continuing erosion caused by human actions. In 1979, the Everglades was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but has been designated as an endangered place since 2010.

Exploring on Florida Everglades Tours

For those who love to take a sea level liking to the quiet waters, Florida Everglades tours via sea kayak are an exotic way of getting in touch with the eco-system. At Everglades Adventures, they can provide rentals for canoes and kayaks. They come in single and dual passenger, with and without a rudder. Reserve ahead of time to guarantee kayak availability. All locations must be listed when reserving, as well as to gain proper authorization, if necessary when filling out the reservation form, as listed by Everglades National Park. Note: Kayaking is permitted for those 5 and up.

Be Guided on Florida Everglades Tours

At Everglades Adventures, they give daily tours Florida Everglades Tours via paddling into the Everglades territory. It is a tour unlike any other, going through tropical tunnels and naturally made ponds full of tropical fish and some of our endangered species. Those that call the Everglades home include various birds, manatees, flamingos, crocodiles, and even the highly endangered Florida panther. For a few hours, visitors will enjoy the calm waters on a kayak or canoe and will be taught how to paddle(for those who have never done so) before trekking. Led by professionals who know the Everglades like the back of their hand, visitors will be in good hands.

Just being labeled a UNESCO World Heritage Site should say for itself the importance of this mesmerizing piece of land in South Florida. Whether these Florida Everglades tours are guided or not, Everglades Adventures can make the journey pleasant and give the necessary rentals with helpful transport from multiple points all over the area. Even under strong protection against human development that makes the Everglades an endangered place, having a chance to experience eco-tourism from such an exotic place is something that cannot be ignored or rejected in South Florida.

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