Burnham Guides Sea Kayak Tours Explore the Florida Keys and Everglades

florida keys kayaking
Sea kayaking in the Florida Keys. Photo by Burnham Guides

Bill and Mary Burnham, better known as Burnham Guides, can offer the perfect way to experience Florida through a series of Florida Keys kayak tours as well as kayaking in the Everglades. 

The two are authors of guidebooks about this stunning area and are also experts in the world of the sea kayaking, whether the open waters of the Key Largo region or the mysterious and wonderful world of the Everglades.

It is an interesting combination; the couple has written eight guidebooks, and also run their own outfitting business, through which they guide people to their favorite places.

Explore the Keys on Florida Keys Kayak Tours

They offer multiple varieties Florida Keys kayak tours and Everglades tours, as well as tours to other Florida areas. They include the Calusa Blueway in the Sanibel Area, the wilderness waterways of the Florida Everglades, and their Florida Keys Overseas Paddling Trail.

Each tour at Burnham Guides last from three to ten days and enables visitors to explore the area in the company of experts who will direct them to the very best spots.

Wildlife Experienced Kayaking Florida Everglades

Wildlife in the region is spectacular, with numerous varieties of fish and birds, along with more reptilian life than can be imagined. Crocodiles and alligators abound, leisurely resting on the shores before speeding into the water when they spot their prey. (Don’t worry, they are not fond of humans for dinner.)

The region lends itself to year-round sea kayaking in the Everglades and on Florida Keys kayak tours. Burnham Guides even specializes in winter expeditions so you can take in the beautiful Everglade sights, no matter the time of year. The area is also vulnerable to pollution and the intervention of man, while water tours give an up-close look at the scenery.

Burnham Guides Wins at Eco-Tourism

Touring by sea kayak allows visitors to experience the very best the region can offer, learning along the way, without providing any negative impact on the environment.

The authors offer trips straight from the tip of the mainland at the laid-back, relaxed Key Largo, and out through the astonishing Florida Everglades archipelago, all the way to the tropical paradise that is Key West.

Contact the Burnham Guides to learn more about available tours today.

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