Up-Close Views of the Florida Keys Via Sea Kayaks and Snorkeling

florida keys snorkeling
Snorkel the Florida Keys with Lazy Dog Kayak Guides. Photo by Lazy Dog

For a view of the Florida Keys you won’t soon forget, look at Lazy Dog. With their expertise in guided sea kayak tours, Florida Keys snorkeling, you can get an up-close view of Mother Nature by water. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone: tourism and sightseeing of the Florida Keys along with recreation!

Florida Keys Snorkeling, Swimming, and Kayaking

Choose to kayak the Florida Keys, or go for a swim with Lazy Dog Florida Keys snorkeling option. Each tour is four hours long that allows a much-needed chunk of viewing time in the Keys. Kayak and snorkel your way through the scenic marine life, even interact with fish and other wildlife up close. The underwater scenes in this south Florida location are truly a sight to be seen!

Then, head on a two-hour tour into the Mangrove Forests. Complete with beautifully blue/green waters and a wide array of marine life, such as crabs, sea stars, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, sponges, and more. Don’t forget to look up at all the birds overhead, either. Combine all of the above for the ultimate outdoorsy Keys vacation, or pick and choose as your trip allows. Best of all, you can keep coming back for more, and a differently planned nature visit each time you attend.

Sharks and stingrays are regular attenders; you never know who – or what – you might see!

Create Your Own Florida Keys Snorkeling Adventure

Lazy Dog Kayak Tours also let you create your own tour. Rent a kayak for half a day. Explore and go Florida Keys snorkeling on your own. They offer maps with suggested routes, while you can paddle in whatever direction your heart desires. This is an ideal option for experienced kayakers, or for anyone wanting a bit more adventure. Lazy Dog will point you in the direct direction for calm waters and hidden alcoves for an incredibly serene and personal Florida Keys snorkeling experience!

Or for something different, sign up for paddleboard lessons, complete with paddle yoga right there in the keys. It’s a relaxing exercise that can be done right on the water (without getting wet!). This offers a new and fun way to stay in shape and gain some exercise without sacrificing on fun.

Lazy Dog is home to several ways to view the Florida Keys. Check out more information here, and sign up for your next trip today.

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