Take on the Florida Keys and the Everglades for Your Next Travel Adventure

florida keys tours
Ride an authentic pole boat piloted by Jack Shealy, a 5th generation Gladesman

The Florida Everglades and the Florida Keys are truly sights to be seen – natural areas that are full of spectacular views, incredible scenery, and a hosts for a variety of wildlife. With scheduled activities that allow you to take in as much of Mother Nature as possible, you’re sure to get a multi-layered outdoor experience with Florida Keys tours and Everglades tours provided by these professional guides.

Florida Keys Tours and Everglades Tours

With an eco-tour, you can gain a well-rounded trip to all that these Florida hotspots can provide. That’s seeing wildlife up close and personal while feeling all of the elements — breeze in your face, humidity hitting the skin, and of course, watching animals behave in their natural habitat. An eco-tour through the Everglades can be taken through Dusenbury Creek, where you can view manatees and dolphins.

Another hot spot lies within a mangrove forest, where you’ll cross a tidal flat against the edge of the Atlantic. Here you can snorkel shipwrecks for amazing views that are full of history and events from the past. Perfect for the eco-tourism geek in us all!

Along with your journey, choose to take on the Everglades by airboat, canoe, or kayak Key Largo for a guided or self-led eco-tour of the Florida scenery. Or, opt for an Everglades boat tour from a traditional pole boat.

Guides to Florida Keys Tours and the Everglades

There are various companies offering Florida Keys tours and Everglades tours and adventure trips. They include:

Florida Bay OutfittersBooking and putting on tours through the Florida Keys and the Everglades since 1991. Guests can take three hours, guided tours to: Dusenbury Creek and Garden Cove, which can be done by snorkeling, or from kayaks or paddleboards. Florida Bay Outfitters also offers full-day trips to Seven Mile Bridge and Indian Key.

Everglades Adventure Tours – Founded by Jack Shealy, a fifth-generation Gladesman, Everglades Adventure Tours comes with a heavy dose of both history and fun. Schedule your pole-boat tour, powered by Shealy himself, who also provides colorful commentary along the way.

Check out your next adventure by scheduling a sightseeing event for the Florida Keys or Everglades locations today.

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