Outfitters Who Provide White Water Rafting on the Gauley River in West Virginia

gauley river rafting
White water rafting on West Virginia's Gauley, one of the top white water rafting rivers in America

The outfitters in the gallery and infographic below provide white water rafting experiences on West Virginia’s Gauley River. The infographic contains a brief introduction to the outfitters and a link to their websites. But first, a short explanation about why Gauley River rafting is rated as one of the top white water rafting adventures in the U.S.

A Brief Introduction to the Gauley River and Why Gauley River Rafting is One of the Top White Water Experiences in America

With over 100 rapids up to Class V in intensity, the Gauley is a river for adventurous white water rafters. It is ranked as one of the top white water rafting experiences in the U.S. The river drops over 650 feet in 24 miles. Depending on how you count, the Gauley has two or three sections that are regularly rafted. The Upper Gauley is 9.8 miles long and contains Class IV and V rapids; the Lower Gauley is 11 miles long and contains Class III, IV, and V rapids; The Middle Gauley is 5.5 miles long and contains Class III and IV rapids. Although it is sometimes run alone, the Middle Gauley is usually run in combination with the Upper or Lower Gauley. The Gauley is a dam-controlled river. Summer water flows are generally Memorial Day through Labor Day. They provide good rafting experiences for intermediate to advanced rafters. Beginning the Friday after Labor Day the Army Corps of Engineers annual drawdowns from Summersville Lake begin and bring the Gauley to its full rafting potential for six consecutive weekends. This is known as the “Gauley Season”, and attracts whitewater rafters from all over the country. The upper Gauley is recommended for experienced whitewater boaters. It is rated as one of the most intense whitewater rafting experiences in the country. It has dozens of rapids including the Big Five: Insignificant, Pillow Rock, Lost Paddle, Iron Ring, and Sweet Falls – all rated Class V.

Gauley River Locator Map with Class V Rapids on the Upper Section

Outfitters Who Provide White Water Rafting Trips on the Gauley River

Outfitter Gauley River Rafting Located/Founded What They Say About Themselves Other Activities
Adventures on the Gorge Full Day trips. 2-night package including lodging and meals Located in Lansing, WV. Founded in 1972 “We are simple explorers who see in the human experience an overwhelming desire to seek a sense of awe” zip lining, climbing, biking, kayaking, hiking, lodging, dining, and more
ACE Adventure Resort Full Day trips. 2-day packages Located in Oak Hill WV. Founded in the 1970s “We have a passion for creating outdoor adventures and sharing them with others for lasting memories” zip lining, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayak clinics, resort, and more
New & Gauley River Adventures Upper and lower Gauley rafting for different experience levels. Full day and 2-day trips Located in Lansing, WV “Family owned for more than 30 years, New & Gauley Adventures is a small company that offers white water rafting adventures on the New and Gauley rivers of West Virginia with a personal touch” horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, snowshoeing


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