Eco-Tour and Sea Kayak Natural Environments of the Georgia Coast

georgia coast
Sea kayaking around Cumberland Island. Photo by University of Tennessee RecSports

There are few more natural areas in which to explore than the Georgia Coast.  It is like traveling back in time as the 2000 miles of tidal shoreline and river lowlands make it the perfect place to sea kayak and explore.

This means of travel gives the best chance of spotting the native wildlife, which includes dolphins, turtles, and alligators.   

Day trips are possible to places such as Little St Simon’s Island and Cumberland. In fact, scattered along the coast are no less than sixteen barrier islands, only three of which have been developed. For the more adventurous, excursions can be organized, lasting up to several days and nights.

Natural Habitats on the Georgia Coast

The area is also famous for its salt marshes. In fact, to sea kayak the Georgia Coast provides breathtaking, close-up views of these environments, with their natural inhabitants. Take a do-it-yourself tour of a southern marsh ecosystem typical of those found on the Georgia coast.

The region lends itself to both day trips and longer excursions, and there are several local providers who can guide your trip, and get all the planning sorted, such as permits, camping gear, and food.

Guides to the Georgia Coast

One such organization, Southeast Adventure Outfitters, has been based on the beautiful St Simon’s Island for more than twenty years. Wilderness Southeast is another outfit supporting the region; they offer the opportunity to build your own tour or join a scheduled program.

A further opportunity for those seeking a sea kayak adventure along the Georgia coast is to visit the astonishing Altamaha area, which hosts a bio-reserve. Here, as well as experiencing the joy of paddling open waters and river inlets, visitors can learn about the importance of salt marshes to the area, and also about the natural environment of the state’s coastal areas.

Touring the Altamaha BioReserve

Altamaha Coastal Tours offer day trips at reasonable prices for an overnight camp and two days of kayaking. There can be little that is more appealing than spending the night on a deserted island with white sands … especially after having spent the day paddling your way through historical forests amongst black water swamps.

As well as the animals mentioned above, there will be the chance to spot manatee, otters, deer, osprey, eagles, and mink as just some of the extensive wildlife that inhabits this untouched region. A conglomeration of federal and state government, nature conservancy teams, private individuals and corporations combine to protect this area, one of the great secrets of the United States.

Find more details of the area and how you, too, can visit this environmentally important and visually stunning region at the above links.

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