Mountain Bike the North Georgia Mountains

georgia mountain bike trails
Mountain biking in North Georgia. Photo by Explore Georgia

Biking the scenic North Georgia mountain bike trails is a popular activity among visitors and locals alike. And when you stop to look at all the perks of pedaling through untouched nature, it’s not hard to see why. Not only is mountain biking North Georgia a fun recreation, it provides views that can’t be easily replicated elsewhere; Mother Nature did her best with the North Georgia area, and it’s time you take an up-close peek!

After all, North Georgia is home to gorgeous spots that you can take in while enjoying some recreation. Hiking and walking trails are readily available or enjoy the fast-paced thrills of manning your very own mountain bike. No matter which route you choose, you’re sure to take in eyefuls of the beautiful outdoors.

North Georgia Mountain Peaks

What’s more is that the mountainous area is home to a number of notable peaks and ridges that are laced with Georgia mountain bike trails. This includes The Chickamauga Valley, The Cumberland Plateau, valley and ridge, The Armuchee Ridges, and more. Each natural area is known for its own particular views in North Georgia. Plan a different stop each time you head to the mountains, that way you can experience a unique setting for every single trip.

For instance, the Cumberland Plateau begins near Birmingham and crosses through Georgia just to the west of Chattanooga. Northwest of Knoxville, the plateau becomes highly dissected due to erosion; the region (although geologically still a plateau) is called the Cumberland Mountains.

The Chickamauga Valley lies between the Cumberland Plateau’s Lookout Mountain to the west and the Armuchee Ridges to the east. Where it divides the “thumb” of Pigeon Mountain from Lookout Mountain is the famed McLemore Cove. The Chickamauga Valley forms a natural passageway between the high ridges on either side. Because it gives access to both Chattanooga and the Tennessee River and contains a few low ridges, it was the site of much movement and conflict during the Civil War.

Unlike the Cumberland Plateau’s broad, flat-topped mountains, the Armuchee Ridges are true ridges, relatively narrow and linear. The principal ridges are Taylor Ridge, John’s Ridge, Horn Mountain, and Rocky Face. Roadside ditches along Taylor Ridge are filled with multi million-year-old fossils from former sea floors. There are also “pockets” or coves, outcrops of iron ore, and attractive waterfalls to provide visitors with pleasant travel destinations.

Georgia Mountain Bike Trails Around Helen

Each – or all! – of these locations can be taken in with a mountain bike trip to the North Georgia Mountains. Or opt for a vendor with plenty of experience with Georgia mountain bike trails, Woody’s Mountain Bikes.

When you’re headed to Alpine Helen, check out Woody’s Mountain Bikes for Georgia mountain bike trails in that part of Georgia including the Chattahoochee National Forest. You can also buy a bike or have your current model repaired for your next outing at Woody’s location. Pack a lunch and prep for a day full of adventure with Woody’s Mountain Bikes!

Book your green vacation with a trip to North Georgia. This eco-friendly pastime is family friendly and great for all ages (13 and up) and skill levels, from the first-time mountain biker, to expert cyclists. The Gold Mine Ride and The Gap Ride are Woody’s two most popular self-guided family outings. Trip package includes bike, helmet & shuttle.

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