Georgia Rivers, the Recreational Destination You’ve Been Looking For!

georgia rivers
Georgia has dozens of rivers for kayaking and canoeing. Click on the links below to find how-to, where-to guides

Whether you’re after canoeing, kayaking, or fishing, Georgia rivers are the place to be! These aquatic stops are fun and recreational. Not to mention, they allow you to choose your sport or activity of choice. Because there are so many recreational and beautiful rivers in Georgia, outdoor adventurers can take their pick. Opt for activities you enjoy or branch out and try something new with your Georgia rivers of choice.

Did we mention the incredible scenery, too? There is simply so much to offer with these amazing natural areas: views, a great time, and more, all in one place! Best of all, there are many rivers throughout Georgia to choose from.

Georgia Rivers Abound in All Parts of the State

Georgia is home to dozens of rivers many of which are popular canoeing and kayaking locations. You will get a different experience with scenery and wildlife each time you go, especially when experiencing rivers in different parts of the state. For instance, head south and see St. Marys or Suwannee, while the Savannah River watershed and Ogeechee are far east; the Flint River remain west, while the Chattooga sits further north.

Double up your views yet again and check out the Hiwassee River, located in the North Georgia mountains!

Canoe or Kayak Georgia Rivers

Use the expert river guides compiled by Suzanne Welander and Bob Sehlinger for Canoeing and Kayaking Georgia and published on the Brown’s Guides website in cooperation with the publisher, Menasha Ridge Press. These guides provide canoeing and kayaking guides to some 80 Georgia Rivers as well as the Okefenokee Swamp and the Georgia coast. The guides include references for maps, water levels, shuttle instructions, as well as detailed narratives of Suzanne’s and Bob’s personal experiences on the Georgia rivers.

You can take on the Chattooga by kayak, the Chattahoochee by fishing, and more. Using these guides, you can gain insight of the area and get insider info. Besides, you’ll gain access to the best stops and spots along the way. These self-guided tours remove much of the guesswork of where to go and when to get there.

With scenery that abounds and activities galore through the South’s Chattooga and Chattahoochee rivers (plus dozens of others), you’re gaining access to fun recreation and great views, all at once.

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