Georgia Trails: Hike the 0.6-Mile North Rim Trail in Rabun County

Hike 0.6 mile on the easy North Rim Trail in Rabun County, Georgia, to see the overlooks of Tallulah Gorge.

By Tim Homan

This wide promenade connects the string of five overlooks on the north rim of the gorge. The walkway leading from the back doors of the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center ties into the trail between overlooks four and five. To the left, the route leads 0.2 mile to overlook five, which features lookouts in three directions. Here the view is of Oceana Falls and down the gorge to the pools below Sliding Rock. North Wallenda Tower lies on its side nearby.

To the right from the Interpretive Center the walkway winds 0.4 mile along the rim to the other four overlooks. Overlook four provides an upstream view of pools, swirlholes, waterfalls (when there is water), and the huge Hawthorne Pool directly below. Overlook three offers much the same view, with perhaps a better look at Hawthorne Pool, but from a different angle. Overlook two is of the dam, which for three generations has shackled the life, beauty, and power of the gorge. Overlook one presents a final look at cliff face and pool. The trail ends here, 0.1 mile from the highway.

The Virginia pine, a tree adapted to dry, poor, rocky soil, is clearly dominant along much of the north rim.


Scattered throughout: Five overlooks affording views of the uppermost mile of the gorge, from the dam to Sliding Rock.


From the Riley C. Thurmond Memorial Bridge (Tallulah Lake on left, Tallulah Gorge on right) in Tallulah Falls, continue north on US 441 for 0.4 mile, then turn right onto Jane Hurt Yarn Drive at the state park Signs. Proceed 0.8 mile to the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Education Center. The trail begins behind the center.

Tim Homan

This hiking guide to the North Rim Trail is adapted from The Hiking Trails of North Georgia by Tim Homan and is published in cooperation with the publisher Peachtree Publishers. With his meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, Homan has long been recognized as the authority on North Georgia hiking trail by serious hikers. His other books include Hiking Trails of Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock and Citico Creek Wilderness, Hiking the Shining Rock and Middle Prong Wilderness and others. For a complete inventory of his books see his Amazon Author Page.

For an inventory of Peachtree Publishers books including its Nature books for children, go to the Peachtree Publishers website.

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