Rock climb in California’s Joshua Tree National Park on over 9,000 short routes

joshua tree rock climbing
All ages can learn to rock climb in California's Joshua Tree National Park

Cliffhanger Guides is the creation of Seth Zaharias and Sabra Purdy. The headquarters building is located on Park Boulevard directly across the street from the Joshua Tree National Park Visitors Center, in Joshua Tree, California. The outfitter is the only Joshua Tree rock climbing guiding service to have a physical presence that close to the park. Their building is constructed of seventy percent recycled materials and is solar powered. It resembles the store fronts in movies depicting towns on the western frontier where there was about to be a shootout. Joshua Tree National Park is one of the premier rock climbing venues in the world with an estimated 9,000 different climbs to choose from. Seth and Sabra believe that rock climbing is a sport that has something to offer everyone no matter what your age or previous rock climbing experience. While Cliffhanger works with experienced climbers the outfitter’s main focus is introducing new climbers to the sport of rock climbing and to the world-class appeal of Joshua Tree National Park as a rock climbing venue. The great majority of Joshua Tree rock climbing routes are short. Most rocks in the park are less than 230 feet high. It’s possible to climb several routes in one day.

One-Half Day Joshua Tree Rock Climbing

These one-half-day Joshua Tree rock climbing experiences are designed specifically for first-time climbers, families introducing young children to rock climbing, climbers who are making the transition from indoor climbing to the outdoors, and anyone else visiting Joshua Tree National Park who wants to experience why it is one of the premier rock climbing destinations in the world. Half-day trips last about 5 hours. All equipment, instruction, and a picnic lunch are provided.

Full Day Experiences Joshua Tree Rock Climbing

Full day rock climbing experiences have no hard-and-fast time limits. A typical trip begins at 8 am and lasts until the climbers have had enough for the day. These trips are designed to appeal to more experienced climbers who want to experience the wide variety of climbs in Joshua Tree with an experienced guide to point them in the right direction without wasting a log of time. Climbers who are learning technical systems for anchoring, leading, or self-rescue, will find these full day trips appealing.

PCGI Courses at Joshua Tree

Cliffhanger Guides provides Professional Climbing Guides Institute (PCGI) courses and assessments including top-rope guide (3 days), single-pitch guide (3 days), lead guide (5 days), multi-pitch guide (8 days) and rescue training (2 days).

Why Rock Climb at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park covers some 790,636 acres (about the size of Rhode Island) in southeastern California. The park includes parts of two deserts, the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert. Thanks to its unusual geology there are thousands of named climbing routes in the park. Most routes are short, the height of Joshua Tree rocks rarely being more than 230 feet high. It is possible to do a number of different, varied climbs in one day.

What is a Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is named for the Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia), a plant species belonging to the genus Yucca that grows in the southwestern U.S. in California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada mostly in the Mojave Desert, Read more about the Joshua Tree on Wikipedia.

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