Step up to the next level of paddling on Tennessee’s Ocoee River or Georgia’s Cartecay River

Ace Kayaking School

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Beginning and intermediate paddlers improve their kayaking skills on the Ocoee River Tennessee and Georgia's Cartecay River

With venues on the Ocoee River Tennessee and the Cartecay River in Georgia, Ace Kayaking School provides Ocoee River kayak lessons for those who have discovered paddling and want to learn more. Ace specializes in reading a boater’s abilities and providing the right instruction needed to move that paddler up to the next level.

Beginning Ocoee River Kayak Lessons

Beginning kayak lessons cover the gear, outfitting, and types of kayaks that are available in the whitewater world. Beginning on a lake, students learn strokes, posture and balance control. Next they paddle a few miles in moving water and then move up to Class I and II rapids. They learn river running strategy, how to perform peel outs, eddy turns, and ferries. They finish the six-hour day with front surfing waves and getting familiar with the roll. The second day builds on the accomplishments of the first and includes a guided Class I-II river trip.

Learning to roll

Learn to roll a kayak or work out some kinks in a roll you already have. Learn the roll most suited to your style of paddling. Learn to have confidence in rolling in all situations.

Intermediate Coaching

Intermediate paddlers are boaters who have a solid on-side roll and can completely navigate Class III whitewater. Ace intermediate kayak lessons can help you dial in your freestyle kayaking. Perfect an off-side roll or practice the combat roll. Intermediate coaching is usually one-on-one. Instruction frequently starts on a lake or students and instructors may spend an entire day Ocoee River kayaking. Instruction is personalized and tailored to your current abilities and paddling goals.

Advanced Coaching

Advanced coaching kayak lessons are almost always taught one-on-one. Students may desire to learn specific techniques of freestyle and creek boating such as cartwheels or boofing. Learn to be comfortable paddling rivers like the Gauley, Cheoah, Tallulah or Green. Learn the demands of Ocoee River kayaking. Learn how to find Class V lines in Class III rivers and Class III lines in Class V rivers. Improve kayaking skills and move up to the next level of paddling competence.

Creek Boating

Creek boating combines fun and skills required for paddling through deep canyons, kayaking Class IV to V whitewater, paddling steep creeks, and kayaking over waterfalls. The southeast is home to some of the best and most accessible creeks in the world. Ace Kayaking School training teaches how to properly boof, tuck, and scout before paddling these challenging creeks. Reduce the risk and increase the fun of creek boating.

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