Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys and Everglades with Florida Bay Outfitters

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Explore the Florida Keys by sea kayak with Florida Bay Outfitters. Photo by Florida Bay Outfitters

The remote Florida Keys and mysterious Everglades offer one of the most enjoyable sea kayaking Florida experiences on the planet. The diverse and stunning environments of the Florida Keys and the Everglades are unmatched anywhere else in the country.

The climate in the region also lends itself to year-round sea kayaking opportunities, so you can book any time of the year!

In the Everglades, as you paddle through mangrove swamps and tiny inlets, in a way that large vessels could not achieve, it is possible to learn about the astonishing environment in which you are moving.

Kayaking Florida with Florida Bay Outfitters

Florida Bay Outfitters offers one of the most comprehensive ways to explore the Florida Keys by kayak – they even give the opportunity to see the area from a different perspective through snorkeling. Getting in the water allows you to explore Atlantic shipwrecks, an experience that’s as unique as it is exciting!

From Florida Bay Outfitters visitors can hire a range of kayaks – sea kayaks, sit on top versions, and paddleboards are amongst the range of equipment they offer for kayaking Florida. The organization also offers both guided and free rein tours.

Kayaking Florida on an Overnight Tour

However, a guided tour (overnight options are also available) can allow you to really explore the area. The expert leaders will take to the most exciting and beautiful of places, and can also explain about some of the environmental threats facing kayaking Florida in the region, such as global warming and pollution.

Paddling would be the traditional way of getting about in the Everglades, and it is perfect that this way of traveling – quietly and slowly, is still available today. The low impact on the environment also helps to protect this most fragile of regions.

Wildlife Adventures in the South Florida Keys

The South Florida region is home to a wide and diverse variety of wildlife. While kayaking Florida Everglades alligators and crocodiles can often be seen, as can dolphin and the wonderful manatee. In fact, reptilian life abounds, with more frogs and toad species than anywhere else in the US.

The region is loaded with snakes, although they usually stay hidden, and lizards which are so abundant that Geckos are known as ‘House Lizards’ in the area. In the tidal flats areas, a huge variety of fish thrive. And, of course, approaching them on a sea kayak allows you to get up close.

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