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georgia rivers posters
The Georgia Rivers Posters Series included 14 watersheds

The Georgia River Posters Series you linked to was one of the most popular publishing projects Brown’s Guides has ever undertaken. In cooperation with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, BG created a series of fourteen 4-color, 24” x 36” posters for all of Georgia’s major watersheds: Altamaha, Chattahoochee, Coosa, Flint, Ochlockonee, Ocmulgee, Oconee, Ogeechee, Satilla, Savannah, St. Marys, Suwannee, Tallapoosa, and Tennessee. Complete sets of 14 posters were mailed free to all of Georgia’s middle schools and high schools.

The posters were available online to be viewed and downloaded in a small 11”x14” format.

The old Brown’s Guides to Georgia website where the posters originally lived is no longer active, but we are underway with a project to make the posters available on the current website. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on the progress of that project, add your name to the list to receive the Brown’s Guides Newsletter and specify “River Posters” in the preferences. I will let you know when the river posters are available on the new site.

Brown’s Guides is a river fanatic. I’ve written two books about Georgia rivers, The Riverkeeper’s Guide to the Chattahoochee and The Flint River, A Recreational Guidebook to the Flint River and Environs, in addition to creating the Georgia Rivers Posters Series. Work on these books and posters, plus a lifetime of canoeing and kayaking the rivers and coastal areas of the southeast, have convinced me that watersheds are the most important organizing principle in the natural world. Watersheds are God’s filing cabinets. If you live in a watershed – and we all do – then you have something in common with every other person in that watershed – the source, quality, and eventual disposition of your water.

I have suggested on numerous occasions  – and not always facetiously – that we should replace the current system of organizing state and local governments with one based on watersheds. Large watersheds have governors, smaller watersheds have mayors, and streams and creeks have city council representation.

Going forward, we’ll be creating more watershed posters for some of the most important and outdoor recreationally oriented watersheds in America. If you would like to be advised when those posters are available, do as suggested above and add you name to the list to receive the Brown’s Guides Newsletter. Check the River Posters box under Special Interests. I’ll be sure you’re made aware when additional posters are available in print and online.

Thanks for your interest in Brown’s and River Poster Series. I look forward to sharing more river posters and all of the outdoor recreation adventures that rivers and watersheds provide in the years to come.


Find out what watershed you live in click on this link to Surf Your Watershed Environmental Protection Agency website and enter your zip code.

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