Mountain Bike Maah Daah Hey Trail in the Heart of North Dakota Badlands

mountain biking north dakota
Mountain bike North Dakota's Maah Daah Hey Trail

Dakota Cyclery is a family-owned bike shop providing sales, service, rentals and tours for over thirty years. They offer two mountain biking North Dakota guided tours from their Medora shop in the heart of the North Dakota Badlands. The two-hour “Slowpoke” ride runs along Maah Daah Hey Trail and is a good option for beginners; they call it “Mountain Biking 101”. The “Cowpoke” is a three to four-hour ride covering 15-20 miles. There are also four shuttle rides, 14-mile “Buffalo Gap,” 28-mile “Short Haul,” and 15-mile “Plumley Draw”.

Mountain Biking North Dakota Backcountry

These are guided single track tours led by experienced guides who know the North Dakota terrain. Guides have first aid and CPR training and can make on-the-road bike repairs.

The “Slowpoke” Tour – Mountain Biking 101.

Get on-the-road advice on gear shifting and bike handling. This is a good tour for biking families especially if the family includes a youngster learning to bike. Tour includes bikes, helmets, water, and snacks. This is a 2-hour ride.

“Cowpoke” Tour – For Intermediate Bikers

This 2-to-3-hour tour is not only a good ride mountain biking North Dakota, your experienced guide will coach you along the way to improve your bike riding skills. Cowpoke Tour includes bikes, helmets, water, and snacks.

The “Wrangler” Tour for Advanced Riders.

Ride 15-to-20 miles in 4-to-5 hours. Ride most likely includes the southern corridor of the Maah Daah Hey trail. Tour includes bikes, helmets, water, and snacks.

Multi-Day Shuttle Services for the Maah Daah Hey Trail

Ride point-to-point on the Maah Daah Hey Trail and other trails mountain biking North Dakota with Dakota Cyclery shuttling your gear from campsite to campsite every day. The outfitter is flexible on shuttle options and will work with you to establish a shuttle that works for you so you can bike gear free.

Multi-Day Tours on the Maah Daah Hey Trail

Dakota Cyclery does not offer multi-day tours but can put you in touch with trusted outfitters who have been riding the Maah Daah Hey for years and do provide multi-day tours.

Bike Rentals for North Dakota Biking

Dakota Cyclery has a full line of well-maintained bikes for rental. Rentals range from high-end mountain bikes to street cruisers.

What is the North Dakota Maah Daah Hey Trail

Begun in 1995 and finished in 1999 North Dakota’s 96-mile-long Maah Daah Hey Trail ranks as one of the premier mountain biking trails and hiking trails in the country. The development and construction of the mountain biking North Dakota and hiking North Dakota trail was a cooperative effort by the North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Department, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and the Unites States Forest Service. The name Maah Daah Hey is from the Mandan Indians and means, “an area that has been or will be around for a long time.” Click on this link to the Maah Daah Trail Association to find more about the trail and an interactive map.

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