Whitewater raft the Green, Colorado and Yampa rivers in Utah and Colorado

Sheri Griffith River Expeditions

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Whitewater rafting can forge family memories and bonds of friendship that last a lifetime

Based in Moab, Utah, Sheri Griffth Expeditions has been river rafting Utah rivers since 1971. The outfitter runs guided whitewater rafting and kayaking trips down eight different stretches of four rivers in the Colorado River System, with each run offering a varied level of challenge, from flat waters to Class V rapids. Trips range from one-day tours to 10-day expeditions, with some expeditions offering “luxury” dining and sleeping arrangements, and some trips being offered to women only. Customized expeditions can also be arranged.

River Rafting Utah on the Green River

Rafting on the Green River is the ideal family rafting trip and offers something for every family member. The Green River runs hundreds of miles from the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming to join with the Colorado River in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. This Utah river rafting trip has fun whitewater, great camp sites on sandy beaches, and dramatic geological features. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have been passengers on the Green River. Major John Wesley Powell explored the river and mapped its course.

Rafting on the Colorado River

The Colorado River begins high on the Continental Divide in Colorado, flows down the mountains and through America’s southwestern deserts all the way to Mexico. Along the way are steep-walled canyons carved over thousands of years by the force of the river. A Colorado River rafting trip is an experience of a lifetime not to be missed.

Rafting on the Yampa River

The last free-flowing river in the entire Colorado drainage, the Yampa is a wild, wild, river in May and June. The Rocky Mountain spring runoff creates big roaring rapids with an average descent of 12-14 feet per mile. The gradient at Teepee Rapid is 31 feet per mile! Rafters pass beneath 2,000-foot high white canyon walls with black tiger stripes. The Yampa joins the Green River at Echo Park for a 180-degree turn around Steamboat Rock and then continues through the canyons and Split Mountain Gorge

River Rafting Utah on Women Only Trips

Utah’s red rock canyons and the rivers that have carved them are an idyllic venue for a women’s only outdoor experience. Women-only river rafting Utah trips are led by professional female guides who are enthusiastic about sharing their passion for their part of the country and its way of life. No previous outdoor or river rafting experience is necessary.

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