Rock climb, ice climb, and mountaineer in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest

Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School

rock climbing pisgah national forest
Rock climbing in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest

Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School is one of the few climbing and guide services located in the southeastern part of the U.S. and the only one accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). They are based in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina and offer courses and guided expeditions in rock climbing Pisgah National Forest, ice climbing, and mountaineering in North Carolina, Kentucky, and New Hampshire, as well as excursions outside of the country to climbing destinations such as Aconcagua in Argentina. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced climber, there are Fox Mountain Guides adventures and classes that match your experience level.

Rock Climbing Pisgah National Forest, NC and KY

The outfitter climbs in North Carolina and Red River Gorge, Kentucky year round. Courses operate on a set curriculum with the objective of teaching beginner climbers how to become an independent climber and set up climbs on their own. For the most part, courses are 2-day group courses conducted in North Carolina on weekends year round. Private instruction can be setup to suit individual schedules. In the Rock Climbing Pisgah National Forest 101 course, beginning climbers learn climbing terminology, knots, and rope skills, belaying, what climbing equipment you need and what you don’t need, how to use equipment, how to store it, how to set up top rope, single pitch climbs using trees boulders, and bolt components for anchors, how to read climbing guidebooks and climbing maps, and how to decipher climbing grades. They learn climbing as well as leave no trace ethics. Plus they get in plenty of climbing. In subsequent courses, Rock Climbing 201 through Rock Climbing 401 and 402, climbers acquire additional skills and climbing techniques.

  • Rock Climbing 101 – Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • Rock Climbing 201 – Rock Climbing Anchors and Gear Placement
  • Rock Climbing 301 – Single Pitch Lead Climbing
  • Rock Climbing 401 – Multi-pitch Lead Climbing
  • Rock Climbing 402 – Rock Climbing Self Rescue

Ice Climbing in North Carolina and New Hampshire

In winter, in addition to rock climbing Pisgah National Forest, the outfitter conducts ice climbing programs in New Hampshire’s White Mountains as well as in North Carolina. Single day trips and multi-day course are available. The outfitter teaches ice climbing basics and more advanced skills like lead climbing.

Mountaineering in the Southeast and Northeast

Mountaineering courses are taught in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

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