Georgia Barrier Islands and Sea Kayaking with Professional Guides and Outfitters

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Sea Kayaking Georgia's coast and barrier islands. Photo by SouthEast Adventure Outfitters

Georgia’s Barrier Islands serve as the host to 16 amazingly beautiful barrier islands, mild weather and pure natural radiance which inspired the nickname, the Golden Isles of Georgia. Known for their pristine stretches of marshlands and beaches, the breathtaking landscape of the Golden Isles offer various natural and historical attractions including tours to sea kayak Georgia and other well-organized guided tours to give you a thrilling experience.

Sea kayaking in Georgia Barrier Islands is as good as it gets for lovers of sea kayaking. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Georgia coast is to go sea kayaking. You will feel the wind on your face, the waves and get in touch the tides and natural rhythm of the sea.  

Sea Kayak Georgia with SouthEast Adventure

Located in the Brunswick and St. Simons area, the outfitters at SouthEast Adventure Outfitters have played a positive role on the impact of eco-tourism throughout the Golden Isles of Georgia. These locations are equipped with the outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories needed for your next adventure. The outfitters here provide a number of hourly kayaking trips and day trips as well on the Altamaha and Satilla rivers, and the beaches of Little Saint Simons. They offer kayak tours daily, nature boat cruises, kayak and powerboat fishing, and stand-up paddleboards. Take a look at the guided tours from SouthEast Adventure Outfitters.

Experience eco-tourism at its finest with tours through swamps, marshes, estuary, beaches, rivers, and maritime forests led by friendly, local and expert naturalist guides. Take a trip with the outfitters at SouthEast Adventure and get a thrilling up close and personal encounter with dolphins, rays, manatees, turtles and birds of all sizes. Get astounding knowledge of the area and the wildlife and a whole different perspective on the marshes. Book your trip today with SouthEast Adventure

Explore and discover natural areas with Wilderness Southeast while you enjoy the beauty of eco-tourism in a fun way and with various outdoor activities to go along with it in the Georgia Barrier Islands. Schedule your nature tour with the outfitter and get an understanding of the beauty and possibilities eco-tourism from professionals.

More Sea Kayak Georgia Tours

With its location near St. Simon’s Island and 45 minutes south of Savannah, Georgia, Altamaha Coastal Tours is in close proximity with the Altamaha River BioReserve. Visitors experience the natural wonder of eco-tourism in the area. The outfitter provides Altamaha River kayaking, kayak rentals, and guided tours all year-round in the Golden Isles of Georgia.

Enjoy the calmness of the sea and nature’s gift to you. Behold the beauty of bottlenose dolphins, otters, alligators, deer, mink, osprey, and thousands of seabirds that give Georgia’s Barrier Islands their uniqueness. Learn to paddle through cypress swamps while sea kayaking. Cross St. Simons Sound to Jekyll Island and view the “boneyard” beach on the north end.

Sea Kayak the Altamaha BioReserve

Get guided tours to see one of the largest great places, The Altamaha BioReserve, from the outfitters at Altamaha Coastal Tours. Experience eco-tourism in an area where you can travel by sea kayaking through the blackwater swamps, old-growth cypress trees, white sand beaches and deserted islands during Altamaha River kayaking. Visit the Altamaha BioReserve and have the opportunity to view bottlenose dolphins, manatees, otters, alligators, deer, mink, eagles, osprey, raccoons, sea turtles, and thousands of seabirds.

Altamaha Coastal Tours can make your adventure pleasant and memories that will last. Check out the various exciting offers they have for you. 

Georgia’s Barrier Islands offer some of the best sea kayaking in America. Here, you can get in touch with exotic natural environments and experience eco-tourism at its best. The best part is that sea kayaking is possible almost all-year round unlike popular sea kayaking venues in the northeast and on the west coast.


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