South Carolina Barrier Islands, a Perfect Eco-Tour Destination

south carolina coastal islands
Boneyard beach on a South Carolina Barrier Island

Did you know there are small South Carolina coastal islands? Though they are often overlooked, these beautiful and often secluded areas are great for exploring, swimming, canoeing, and of course, relaxing along the shore and they are accessible via barrier islands eco-tours of South Carolina conducted by the guides listed and linked below.

Take on even more types of recreation, like sea kayaking or canoeing for even more ways to enjoy this iconic South Carolina coast. South Carolina coastal islands stretch along the Atlantic from Georgetown, South Carolina to Georgia. In this chain there are over 100 islands of varying size and description. Many are yet uninhabited and a large number are still only accessible by boat or other means. (Which also means fewer travelers will be there!)

Along Coastal South Carolina, many of these sea islands have long-since been sought after tourist destinations. Their beautiful natural environments and tourism as well as real estate allow the local economy to flourish.

Sea Kayak to South Carolina Coastal Islands

One unique way to explore these South Carolina islands is by sea kayak. Because you’re out on the water and up close and personal with nature, you will get intense views that are unmatched, even by boat. What’s more is you can take your time and explore the particular route(s) that you’d like to explore. View various islands as you go, take a break to snorkel along the coast, or slowly paddle your way and take in the sights as they come.

Sea kayaking serves as a way to exercise and gain recreation, all while taking on your eco-trip: the perfect combination for any green vacation.

If you haven’t heard of South Carolina’s Barrier Islands, or you’ve never taken the opportunity to visit them, now is the perfect time. These gorgeous islands are an incredible secret along the East Coast that you won’t believe until you see them for yourself.

Guides to South Carolina Coastal Islands

These guides provide access to Barrier islands eco-tours of South Carolina

Beaufort Kayak Tours

Coastal Expeditions

Brown's Guide
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